why sideline sos? and what does “sos” stand for?

Because shuttling your kids around to their practices, games, and events is expensive, time consuming, and overwhelming...

The pain results in your athlete(s) being late or missing practices, and/or events, and parents being overwhelmed and under supported; in this situation everybody suffers (athlete, parent, and team).

This is a parent problem that everyone who has kids who play sports, or is raising/supporting a child who plays sports can relate to.

Including me...

I'm a busy mom of three boys, two of which are very active in youth sports and have been since they were 5 years old!  

My family: (Big Guy - My hubby (Mike), Medium Guy - Our oldest son (Juel), Little Guy - Our middle son (London), Littlest Guy - Our youngest son (Eli))

My family: (Big Guy - My hubby (Mike), Medium Guy - Our oldest son (Juel), Little Guy - Our middle son (London), Littlest Guy - Our youngest son (Eli))

My boys have been playing consecutive and sometimes concurrent seasons of football, basketball, and track for the past 9 years!  I absolutely love running down the sideline to support my boys (seriously, there’s video…) 

We absolutely love supporting our boys in their sports, and watching them play and develop into leaders and team players both on and off the field...

But let’s be honest, it’s sometimes extremely difficult to get them to where they need to be on time.  Between work, school, and home life; it can get pretty hectic trying to get them where they need to be.  

Take this year for example: My oldest son started playing Varsity football as a freshman in HS, my middle son continued with his 4th consecutive season of travel football, and I started new job, an hour and a half away from where we live = Rough Commute (a.k.a. another common parent problem).

Rough Commute (a.k.a. another common parent problem)

Rough Commute (a.k.a. another common parent problem)

 And while the youth sports community is tight knit; and I could depend on trusted friends and family to help me out in my time of need...

The process to arrange that support is super cumbersome and time consuming!  As a result, my boys constantly late or missing practices, and events and I was simply overwhelmed.

Maybe I could try a popular ridesharing service, but that would quickly add up; and participating in youth sports is expensive enough on its own, between the travel, gear, and the food that’s just not a sustainable option; not to mention their policies don’t allow kids 16 and under to ride.

And who was I kidding? 

I don’t just trust any random person with my kids, and that was when I had my light bulb moment for Sideline SOS!!

The “SOS” in Sideline SOS stands for “System of Support” and it’s the World’s First Community Based Ridesharing App for Youth Sports.

Read more about the app and what is was created to do here.