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Welcome to Sideline Radio by Sideline Society - where we seek to:

Inspire sports moms and team moms to embrace their active youth sports lifestyle, while learning how to plan and organize their life on the sideline, one season at a time.

I'm Shaki Varado, your host:


Using my own #SidelineExperiments I dive into gear, tips, hacks, systems, fundamentals, everything we need to efficiently support our children and their busy sports lives; and actually have fun while doing it!

Audio Blog Format

We're breaking our content up into seasons and are going to dive into a variety of sports and themes - each month that are specific to a sport that's in season, and areas of #TeamMomLife as requested by our members!

First we're laying the foundation:

  • Week 1 - Gear you need + latest trends
  • Week 2 - What to expect/rules + typical processes
  • Week 3 - Expert interviews
  • Week 4 - Sideline Hacker Spotlights!
  • Week 5 - BONUS: Current events + Listener Q+A's