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Welcome to Sideline Radio by Sideline Society - where we seek to:

Provide a platform empowering the voices of Sports Moms + Team Moms by sharing their stories and ideas, embracing their active youth sports lifestyle, and learning to Live, Love + Rock their lives on the sideline, one season at a time.

I'm your host, shaki varado:


Sideline Radio is an extension of Sideline Society, a resource and community of support for sports moms by sports moms.  We exist to help Youth Sports Moms and Team Moms learn how to  live, love, + rock their lives on the sideline, one season at a time.  We operate from the philosophy of community over competition and support one another with with on + offline workshops, product reviews, how-to tutorials, and organization systems.

Our community (Sideline Hackers) includes moms from all sports, with athletes of all ages, including: basketball, football, flag football, soccer, baseball, softball, volleyball, cheer, track, wrestling, gymnastics, boxing, lacrosse, hockey, tennis, golf, and more!

podcast Format

We're breaking our content up into seasons and are going to dive into a variety of sports and themes - each month that are specific to a sport that's in season, and areas of #SidelineLife as requested by our members!

Types of episodes:

  • Solo - Lifestyle
  • SS Member Spotlight
  • In Season - (Sport) Defined
  • Expert Interview

Episode Length:

  • Typical episode length is 20-30 minutes

more about podcasts:

A podcast is pretty much free radio on-demand; in just about any topic you can think of. My podcast is called "Sideline Radio". It's a byproduct of, Sideline Society, and it was created to provide a platform and resource for our community, highlighting the youth sports lifestyle while helping busy sports moms and team moms find the best ways to plan and organize their lives on the sideline, one season at a time!


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