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Hey Mama's, I'm Shaki, ryhymes with Teriyaki, and it's short for Shekera, like the singer!  

Welcome to my channel! I try new things and challenge myself to find creative ways to help plan and organize my life on the sideline to support my boys and their teams; and I share the best (and sometimes the worst) with all of you!  

I do, super fun Day In the Life Vlogs, How-To's, Product Reviews, Sideline Hacks + Tips, and All Must-Haves for Living, Loving, and ROCKING your life on the youth sports sideline, one season at a time! 

Just a little FYI about me - I am a retired perfectionist, a wife to my high-school sweetheart, a boy mom of 3, well 4 including Furguson our bulldog, and I like to have fun and make the most out of everyday God has given us!

I post new videos every week!! --- I'm officially extending your invitation to STALK ME for really funny stuff and tons of behind the scenes on FB: @Shaki Varado

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