here are all the tools + gear I use to run my sideline,
one season at a time!

*This page contains affiliate links because youth sports is expensive*


Welcome to Sideline Society's Resources section, a personally curated list of the top gear, tips and tools that I use every season and highly recommend for Sideline Moms to bring your A game! 

This is not just some fluff and pretty colors.  I have personally tested every item listed on this page.  That's how you know it's the real deal!

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essential sideline gear

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Oniva Reclining bleacher seat

If you’ve been following along for any length of time you know I never leave home without my bleacher seats! These are the most versatile sideline seats I have ever owned and I love them dearly. They’ve lasted me for the past 15 seasons, and they come in team colors!! 💜💚

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MAC collapsible utility wagon

This is one item that I will ALWAYS emphatically suggest EVERYONE has!! With the amount of stuff we haul on and off the sidelines, a wagon is a MUST-HAVE these days. It’s seriously one of the best investments I’ve ever made as a sports mom. (P.S. Yes, it comes in team colors too!)

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kelsyus canopy chair

Come prepared with this canopy chair, especially if there are no bleachers available. Super easy to pop up and take down with it’s own built in carrying case. Essential for any outdoor event!

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officemate storage clipboard

Now this is what I call a Team Mom’s BFF… Slim, Sleek, Light-weight, and keeps all those papers tidy. It even has a built-in pen/sharpie holder! Doesn’t get any better than this.


It all started with the Sideline Society Blog!  Weekly step-by-step tutorials + how-to posts, will keep you up-to-date on the latest hacks + tips for our Youth Sports Lifestyle.

the sideline society freebie library

Wouldn’t it be pretty sideline-life changing to have instant access to done-for-you, printable + customizable templates, handouts, scripts, checklists + guides that can help you save time in your role on a daily basis? I thought so too; so I created our sideline library.

sideline chatter

We moms have been trying to “do all the things” for far too long! Well I say NO MORE! These live, interactive workshops - “Sideline Chatter” - allow us to tackle an activity, goal, or project that’s not only helpful, but supportive + actionable for our sidelines, TOGETHER!

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sports moms

+ What gear do I need to survive the sideline as a sports mom?

It depends on the sport your child plays; but to make sure you get a great start, check out our most popular resource, The Ultimate Sports Mom Survival Bag Checklist!

+ Do you have recommendations on products for athletes?

Sure do! I did the heavy lifting so you don't have to. Head over to our Support by Sport section, find your athlete's sport and get filled in on everything they'll need for an awesome season.

+ How do you stay organized with it all? Gimme all the tips!

You bet, lady! This is the thing I needed most when starting out on my sports mom journey and the thing I still get the most excited about sharing. Get started by checking out my list of 40 Ways to Stay Organized on the Sideline.

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+ What are your best fundraising tips? I need to help raise some money for my team!

It would be my pleasure to help support your team! Check out my posts on 16 Goal-Crushing Fundraising Ideas and The 5 Fundamentals to Epic Fundraising!

+ How can I make the most of my time as Team Mom?

I get it, being Team Mom can be super stressful. That's why I've created a page specifically for Team Mom Strategies to help you keep calm and carry on!