Episode 9: Avoid Sports Mom Burnout with These Easy Self-Care Tips

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Today we’re sharing our sideline with Brittia Kubeczka, our very own Self-Care Tour Guide!  Brittia is the mastermind behind Fringe + Fitness, the fitness and wellness brand that is dedicated to helping moms ramp up their self-care routines. 

As an experienced fitness coach with a degree in Health Sciences, and life experiences as a mama herself, Brittia realized that most women weren’t getting the results they wanted. They fell off track and sidelined their goals… not because they didn’t know what they needed to do, but because they weren’t ready.

They needed more than just fitness and nutrition advice—they needed to learn to take better care of themselves, in every way.  So she designed a new approach that allows women to discover where they are on their own journey, learn what they need to thrive and grant themselves permission to act as their own guide.

Listen to Brittia give us some true golden nuggets of info on how we can really understand what self-care means for us as sports moms in today's episode.

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Sideline Takeaways:

  • continuing to tackle self-care/wellness month

  • How to identify your personal triggers

  • easy self-care tips (hint: it looks different for all of us)

  • Encouragement for you - You Now have permission to take control

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