Episode 8: Real Talk: Sports Mom Wellness + Self Care

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Today we're tackling some sideline hurdles.  Today’s convo may feel a little uncomfortable, and make you really start to ask some important questions, and that’s exactly what it’s intended to do.  I’ve found that the more uncomfortable I get with something, the more likely I am to do something about it and start making changes that will truly help to make a difference.

We’re fresh into the month of February, the 1st Tuesday of the month to be exact, and we’re welcoming in Sports Mom Wellness month here at Sideline Society; and this is gonna be our 1st official Real Talk Tuesday.

Let's dig in and get real with our wellness and self-care in today's episode.

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Sideline Takeaways:

  • welcoming in sports mom wellness month

  • real talk tuesday segment

  • Personal story about the lack of self-care and it's effect on my life

  • Encouragement for you

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