Episode 7: Meet the Team Mom Slaying Time Management

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Today we’re sharing our sideline with Sports Mom / Team Mom / Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, Shanel Evans.  This is like divine intervention speaking with Shanel today since we're wrapping up Time Management month here at Sideline Radio, and if there's anybody I know who is ROCKIN her time to the fullest, it's Shanel!

Shanel Evans is the Operations Manager for Competitive Edge Athletic Performance Center and has worked in the accounting, operations function in a variety of industries, including construction, associations, not-for-profit, wealth management, retail and of course, YOUTH SPORTS! She is also co-founder and Administrator and Treasurer of Dale City “Lightning” Track Club, a youth sports organization that serves over 400 area athletes each year.  

She’s a Certified Public Accountant, has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Accounting from Michigan State University, and Most importantly, Shanel is a proud wife and mom to 3 active girls and team mom to over 300+ Lightning and Edge athletes. 

So that makes Shanel, not only my boys Track Team Mom, since we run with Dale City Lightning (Go Lightning!)  Shanel is also our 1st Sideline Society Member Spotlight here on Sideline Radio! (yaaay!)

Listen to Shanel talk about tackling time and managing her sideline on today's episode.

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Sideline Takeaways:

  • Shanel's background as a busy sports mom of 3 and a team mom to a growing track team + athletic training facility

  • A Sample daily schedule and tips on keeping up with #all the things

  • Simple advice for fellow sports moms who work outside of the home and are juggling multiple sideline roles

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