Episode 5: Dealing with Time Management, Overwhelm + Priorities as a Sports Mom

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Today we're sharing the sideline with Janis Meredith, Founder of JBM Thinks + Youth Sports Parent Coach.  Janis is what I like to consider youth sports royalty! Married to a former youth sports football coach, Janis has been in the sports mom and team mom role for just over 28 years now.  She also has three kids who have played a variety of sports from age 4 through college.  

Able to see sports a bit differently, with a view from both sides of the bench, Janis's mission is to help sports parents guide their children to get the most out of their sports experience. She believes Sports should be more than just a game. More than wins and losses. More than stats and scholarships.

She understands that competition provides a perfect setting for character growth and feels strongly about helping parents and their young athletes build character through the athletic experience.

Listen to Janis's stance on recognizing overwhelm and more in today's episode.

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Sideline Takeaways:

  • How to prioritize your sideline duties

  • 2 Tips to help you successfully prioritize your time + duties

  • How to recognize overwhelm in yourself + your athlete (a few signs to be on the lookout for)

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