BONUS Episode 04: 5 Fundamentals to Epic Fundraising + My Top 5 Ideas to Try This Season

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Welcome to Take 5 Friday! Today I’m dealing out the 5 Fundamentals to Epic Sports Fundraising and giving my take on the top 5 ideas to try this season!  I've give you a hint, the fundamentals include:

  • Fundamental #1 -  creating a clear plan

  • Fundamental #2 - getting support

  • Fundamental #3 - promoting + T.E.A.C.H. (ing)

  • Fundamental #4 - celebrating milestones and reaching for the sky

  • Fundamental #5 - being consistent

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Sideline Takeaways:

  • 5 Fundamentals to fundraising for youth sports teams

  • My top 5 fave fundraisers to participate in

  • Join our FB community and get support, ideas, and much more!

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