2 Email Scripts That Will Save You Time + Stress This Season

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Aside from your seasonal welcome email, these two email scripts will save you a boatload of time and make you look like the complete sideline BOSS that you are!

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Make sure you NEVER hear "What time is practice?" from your team parents again with these ready-for-you email scripts that will ensure your communications are being seen EVERY TIME!

Email is the primary tool of communication for most youth sports teams.  

And why not, it’s quick, easy, and most parents are checking their emails once, twice, just about ninety-two times a day anyway!

So why not use your time wisely, as Team Mom, and implement ready-to-go solutions for your crazy busy sideline life?

I’m talking about email scripts!

In this post, I’m highlighting the two most popular email types sent by Team Moms, and the steps to creating a simple, yet effective script that you can use for each!

Just like outlining your season calendar helps you organize your sideline; creating usable scripts at the beginning of the season will ensure communication is sent in a timely manner, all while decreasing the time you spend stressing on the sideline over miscommunication!

When it comes to my sideline life, I like to create efficiency in every possible process!

Wouldn't you agree?

Tweetable Tip:

#SidelineTip: Format your subject line like this - "[Team Name (Year of Season)]" so your emails get opened on time! 

This way, you can easily update the information and send without having to retype each parent’s email.

Let's start with the 1st most popular type of email a Team Mom/Administrator sends out to the team:

Email Type #1: General Information (FYI’s)/Reminders

General Information emails are those emails that I like to call the FYI’s.  They provide general, yet vital information for your team, and can go out multiple times in a week.  Really, this just depends on the number of updates you receive to communicate to your team.

Format of Email:

  • Greetings

  • Update Information

  • Any Reminders and/or pertinent information (best if you highlight or change the color of the text to help it stand out).

  • Closing

  • Contact Information

Here's a sample of what I'm talking about:


Email Type #2: Schedules

Keeping your team abreast of the season schedules is a fact of life for a Team Mom.  Every team, for any sport will need to be kept informed of the schedule, whether it be for practice, games, events, or even snacks.  The best way to communicate the information here is to be direct and easy on the eyes.

Format of Email:

  • Greetings

  • 1-2 Sentence Explanation

  • Name of Schedule

  • Name of Event

  • Date

  • Arrival Time (if applicable)

  • Start Time

  • Address

  • Notes (specific to event)

  • Any Reminders and/or pertinent information (best if you highlight or change the color of the text to help it stand out).

  • Closing

  • Contact Information

Tweetable Tip:

#SidelineTip: Save a draft of your email scripts in your email account with the parents addresses already completed.

So those are the two most popular emails that you can + will send your team this season!  

And I guarantee that you will not only save a ton of time just by saving these scripts as drafts, filling them in, and sending them out when it's time; but your fingers will also be dancing the happy dance when they don't have to type the same email over a dozen times!

And don't forget to format your subject lines like this:

Re: [Team Name (Year of Season)]

So they get recognized easily!

Let me know in the comments below how you typically format your emails!

P.S. Don't forget to spell check! :)

P.P.S. If you want more ready-for-you organizing + planning solutions for your role on the sideline, check out the printables in my shop for organizing, meal +snack prep, and traveling support! 

Until next time... keep hacking those sidelines!