What's up, I’m Shaki!  Your Sideline Support Scientist

Sideline Society is The Ultimate Resource + Community of Support for Youth Sports Moms + Team Moms, where our mission is to inspire you to embrace your active lifestyle and learn how to organize, plan, and navigate your life on the sideline, one season at a time.

If you couldn't tell already, Youth Sports Moms + coffee are my BESTIES and helping you lovely ladies #HackTheSideline is my jam!  So much so that I wrote a letter to help explain my feelings...

A letter to you...

My Dearest Little Ball of Sports Mom Sunshine,

Whether you've been #RockingTheSideline for years or you're a total Sports Mom/Team Mom newbie, as your new Sideline Hacking Bestie, I am totally obsessed with providing you with support, encouragement and inspiration in your ultra important role. 

Plain and simple, we want to see you succeed with confidence, NOT STRESS; while making memories, instead of MIGRAINES!

With that being said, there's also a few things you should know...

 #1 - You absolutely positively deserve to have a resource to help you do ALL that you do to build up + support your sideline (both on + off the field/court/track,etc.)

#2 - We believe whole-heartily in building + facilitating our amazing community created specifically for Sports Moms + Team Moms to encourage, support and learn from each other... through shared experiences, and thick/thin sidelines :)

#3 - There is no shame on my part when it comes to running down the sideline alongside my boys, soaking up the little moments that create lasting memories and celebrating those who feel the same way (i.e. You!)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do to support your athlete + their sideline.  Your hard work and dedication day in and night out drives our world, and if nobody else said it, know that you are truly appreciated!

Wishing you much sideline success,


P.S. If you want to read more about me, and how I got started #HackingTheSideline, my story is just below, and a little more here.  Warning: it's pretty beefy! :)

what the heck is a shaki?

And What Makes Her An Expert?

I'm Shaki, rhymes with hockey + is short for Shekera (like the singer)!

About Shaki.jpg

And I'm no expert.  Just a busy mom, like you, in my early thirties; whose kids happen to like to play sports.  Also like you, I sign them up, drive them around, buy them gear, feed them, and cheer for them on the sidelines.  All in all, I've been pacing the sideline for just about every sport imaginable for the past nine years AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! 

Even, when it gets stressful - Like when we've got: work, games, traffic, practice, laundry, conditioning, training, tournaments, and fundraisers.  Or when I couldn't figure out what the heck to cook for dinner; or what to do to best support them and how to do it.

But one major lesson that I have learned is that as passionate sports moms, we all want to be on time, get organized, plan in advance, support our kids, and give back to our sideline to pay it forward in massive ways but sometimes "life" gets in the way, and things get hectic!  

blog about.png

And started experimenting with organization systems and planning tools to help me manage my sideline/life balance and household management.  I started creating templates and finding strategies to help me organize my life on the sideline.  I started blogging about my lifestyle as a sports mom to pool my resources.  Word got out and my goal became simple: share the strategies that have helped me in the best ways and to collaborate with others mamas who wanted to do the same!


"Because I heart days that start with the letter "S"

And because they are worth every second of it... 

So, If you're looking to shake off the struggle + get some support as a busy mom juggling your kids' sports/life balance, and much more, then you are in the right place!