Need a content upgrade to help build your email list and grow your blog?

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I design affordable content upgrades for bloggers to help them build their email lists and grow their blogs without spending a ton of money or wasting more time!


I design things like…

and much more, like:

  • Giveaways

  • Email Courses

  • Video Tutorials

  • Transcripts

  • Swipe/Script Copy

  • Workbooks

  • Planning Sheets

  • Webinars


Already know exactly what you are looking for and you just need me to create it?

So who’s doing the designing…

Shaki - About Me.png

That’s me! I’m Shaki…

Rhymes with hockey and it’s short for Shekera, like the singer🎤

Except, it’s spelled differently, and I ONLY sing to annoy my three boys! Haha

I’m the creator of the blog, Sideline Society, The Ultimate Resource + Support Community for Sports Moms + Team Moms; and when I first started to grow my niche blog I realized how much fun I enjoyed designing my content upgrades and how much success I was getting from having them; so I wanted to pass my skills along to you!