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A free 5-day challenge, delivered straight to your email inbox each day for a week, to help you get a handle on organizing and planning your family around your busy sports lives, one season at a time!

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Come to find out, figuring out how to organize your kids and their busy sports schedules can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! This free challenge will walk you through the building in the missing pieces to the organized #SidelineLife puzzle! Here’s how:


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In 5 days you’ll be ready to show off what you’ve built in our private community + organize, plan + schedule your season into success!

here’s the takeaway

A well-defined space within your home that allows you to:

  1. Plan/Intertwine your kid’s sports schedule along with your family’s work/life schedule

  2. Create a space for important school/sports paperwork, certifications/awards, + binders

  3. Confidently meal plan knowing who is scheduled to be where and when

And that’s just as soon as it’s completed! Once you start utilizing this space on a daily basis, you’ll realize how much of a significant time saver it truly is.

are you up for the challenge?

The 2019 Home/Sports Command Center Challenge begins, Monday, March 18th!

frequently asked questions

Do I need to be a Team Mom in order to participate?

No! Not at all. This challenge is for Sports Moms, Team Moms, Coaches, and all parents alike! The idea here is to here designate and create an area in your home that helps you organize, plan, and navigate your life on the youth sports sideline, and beyond (one season at a time). While we will focus on a few sports-related additions to the space, anyone who has a need to help organize their family is welcome to join.

Do I need to pre-purchase any materials?

Nope. In the daily action steps, I’ll walk you through the process for creating your space including the exact suggested materials to use; at which point you will be prompted to purchase them if you don’t already have something similar to use. I’ll also share free resources, and DIY items to use in your space that are both efficient and cost effective.

How long should I devote to completing this challenge on a daily basis?

Great question! You should plan to spend at least 30 minutes each day reading through the how-to for daily progress and completing it. Please keep in mind that this will vary by person, some may need more time, and some may need less.

daily action steps

Click the images below to view a how-to blog post for each daily action step:


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