40 Ways to Organize Your Sports Life in 1 Hour or Less

If I’ve learned one thing about being a busy sports mom thus far, it’s this:  

Organization is the key to #ShakingOffTheStress!  

The fact is, time waits for no mama, so make it work for you instead of figuring out ways to find more of it!  

How?  You might ask... By learning how to organize that crazy sideline of yours!

In this post, I've outlined 40 different ways to help you get a jump start on organizing your sports life.  (And they range from 5 minutes to 1 hour.)

I EVEN CREATED A checklist of all 40 ways so you can check them off as you go! 


Are you tired of being unorganized?  This checklist will have you organizing your sideline before you know it!

Despite what many may believe, It’s NOT just about being there.  

It's about making sure you can show up by supporting your child and your sideline whether you are able to physically be there or not. 

As much as it pains me to say, sometimes we can’t make every game.  Life  can sometimes get in the way. 

So start to learn from it and get organized so the little moments that really do count, can add up to lifetime memories and not stress and pain. 

You would actually be surprised to know how much you can do for your sideline in the time it takes for coach to actually end the practice on time! :)

You don’t need a whole Saturday. 

As a matter of fact, you don’t even need an hour.  Sometimes, all you need is 5 minutes to connect with another sports mom and find some support.

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40 Ways to Organize Your Sideline in 1 Hour or Less

Let's jump in!

10 Things you can do to organize your sideline in 1 hour

1. Create a calendar outlining your season schedule, practices, games, and events.

2. Update your team/league website with the latest news.

3. Think up 10 team fundraising ideas to pitch to your team.

4. Write an email newsletter template for your team parents.

5. Schedule social media posts to go out for your next registration or event.

6. Interview a parent or sideline supporter to see if they have any questions/concerns.

7. Create a survey for your parents, volunteers, and/or sideline supporters.

8. Set up an opt-in box for interested families to join your team/organization newsletter.

9. Create a social media account for your team or organization on at least 2 platforms.

10. Create a gear organization system in your closet/garage/car trunk.

10 Things you can do to organize your sideline in 30 minutes

1. Complete the Sideline Society Wellness Assessment + prioritize your wellness.

2. Organize your sports mom and/or team mom bag.

3. Move pictures and video of the team from your phone to the cloud.

4. Do a gear inventory and bag old or out-sized sports gear for donation.

5. With the remaining inventory, organize into sport + season.  Label + store away.

6. Print out templates and build your Team Mom Binder.

7. Print out templates and build your Team Mom + Life Planner.

8. Sort digital photos of the team for the end of the season yearbook.

9. Create itinerary for upcoming team travel plans/events.

10. Plan your DIY Home/Sports Command Center.

10 Things you can do to organize your sideline in 15 minutes

1. Create an outline for your next parent meeting.

2. Plan you weekly trip to the store for team snacks and/or grocery shopping.

3. Tidy up your trunk.

4. Round up recipes for the following week so you can plan out your shopping list.

5. Have a short conversation with another sports mom on Facebook. (sometimes just talking to someone else in a similar position gives us ideas for support, and vice versa).

6. Respond to, file, or delete 10 emails in your inbox.

7. Clear out old voice mails and text messages from your phone inbox.

8. Confirm upcoming practices, games, and events are logged correctly in your calendar.

9. Get rid of electronic clutter - 15 minutes can save you 15 files worth of space on your computer! 

10. Organize your wallet/purse – yes, technically this is also a part of your sideline.  And if your life outside of sports is organized, your life of sports will be easier to manage!

10 Things you can do to organize your sideline in 5 minutes

1. Make a to do list for today or tomorrow.

2. Remind yourself of the goals you’ve set for the season / year – are you still on track?

3. Join #SidelineHackers: The Society - Sideline Society's Private FB Group + get some support!

4. Schedule and request availability for carpooling for the week.

5. Draw your circle of trust from your System of Support (SOS).

6. Connect with another mom on your team.

7. Sign up for a “to do list” app and schedule your top 3 to do’s today.

8. Schedule your next three to do’s.

9. Purchase a planner that will help you keep your schedule + life on track.

10. Download the Good Budget app (use this for your household + the sideline).

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Time waits for no mama, so make it work for you instead of figuring out ways to find more of it!


Please keep in mind here that you are aiming for progress, not perfection!  And don’t try to do more than one task in the allotted time.  If you finish early, great!  Now… RELAX! :)

Believe me, I know that's a whole lot easier said than done.  

But you can take joy in knowing that you've accomplished something meaningful today and thus are one step closer to your goal!

P.S. I will be creating how-to tutorials and blog posts for the majority of the items on this list, one at a time. 

If you see one that you really like and want more information on, that I haven’t tackled already, drop me a line and I’ll bump it up to the top of the list!

Until next time... Keep hacking those sidelines!