How to Style Joggers on the Sideline This Spring

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Spring is officially in the air… and the weather’s starting to make a shift, but it’s still cool enough to sport a winter coat on occasion; while other days a light rain jacket will do (welcome to Northern VA weather)!

But that also means it’s time to start thinking about stashing away the thermals and bringing out the sweats.

I know what you’re thinking, Shaki, sweats are a staple for sports moms and thus a year round thing, and touché, my young grasshopper… you are correct.  However, Sideline Swag is starting to have a whole new meaning, as far as I’m concerned; and taking advantage of the colors and styles that are coming out makes all the difference.

That’s not to say that the layering pieces of sweaters, hoodies, blazers, cardigans, and light scarves are going away… you guys know I stay cold so I’m totally still layering it up.  But it’s the sweats that ultimately protect us from the windchill on the sideline; so why not do it in style?

Sadly enough, regular old sweats have a reputation for being boring.  They’re way less fun than the new sporty yoga pants they have these days, less chic than leggings, and even less playful than a cute pair of ripped jeans. 

Thankfully, there are a ton of cute, sporty women’s brands on the market to bring the fun back into shopping for sweats aka joggers.  Different colors and patterns are now a thing.  So if you’re excited to get in on the trend, read on for easy-to-follow buying and styling sideline tips.

Patterned Joggers

Patterned sweats are poised to step into the limelight.  These camo joggers that I found on Amazon are right up my alley.

Invest carefully though, no shade to the mama’s who like to rock pumpkin leggings year-round, but it’s just not my thing.  I tend to choose pieces that will can go with multiple items in my closet, and at any point throughout the season.  Besides, you don’t want to drop a registration fee on a cute pair of flannel crop sweats that will be out of use come the winter months; pant gap is a real thing!

A nice pair of camo joggers is a nice compromise that delivers visual interest along with style staying power; not to mention they literally mean business on the sideline!

For some quick inspiration, take a look at how to style them below.

How to Style Sideline Joggers

The beauty of a great pair of joggers is they can be styled in a variety of ways.  Here are some fun strategies to get you started:

Joggers with shorter hemlines (capri) are ideal for showing off your latest kicks.

Christine over at  hellofashionblog.com  knows what I’m talking about!

Christine over at hellofashionblog.com knows what I’m talking about!

Combine your patterned sweats with a neutral, solid-colored tee.  Or graphic tee (my fave). 

There’s nothing better than a pop of team color!


Keep your colors consistent.

Another way to rock sweats and still look dare I say regal, is to wear the same solid color in the entire outfit; with a pop of color in the shoe. This works really well with black, as in my example below.

Point is… almost anything goes with joggers.

You can even dress up the end of season banquet with some cute strappy heeled sandals and a blazer/jacket, or keep it sideline ready with a graphic tee shirt and classic Converse… like this!


Which jogger styles have you been eyeing this fall?  Let us know in the comments, and join us over in our FB Group for Sports Moms + Team Moms to fill us in on your faves!

Until next time, Sideline Hackers,

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