10 Things to Do on a SUNDAY to Plan For Your Kids Busy Sports Week


Lately I’ve been challenging myself to REALLY take advantage of my Sundays. As the season comes to a start I know I’m going to need to kick it into gear, and it really helps if I’ve got my routines down pack.

I already have, what I like to call, my Sunday Funday… I call it a “Funday” as a mental trick, to keep from spazzing out from all that needs to get done - haha!

So today I thought I’d share the 10 things that I do (and am still struggling to do) on Sundays that will help make my week more productive, organized and stress free. These are all pretty easy things to do that, when done, really help my week go by that much smoother.

10 Things to Do on a SUNDAY to Plan For Your Kids Busy Sports Week

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1. Write out your to-do list for the day (*hint: all of these things should be on it!)

Season Calendar Kit Thumbnail.jpg

We’ve all been writing to-do lists since we were pregnant with our first born (am I right, or am I right?). So I know you’re no stranger to a proper to-do list. Whether you’re a fan or not, they definitely serve their purposes… you write out what needs to get done, then you cross it off as you go.

More than writing it down to get it out of your head, by crossing off your tasks one-by-one it gives you a sense of accomplishment as you go along; which pushes you to the finish line.

(This printable is part of a complete set of 30 printable + editable planner and calendar pages will help you stay organized, track your time, tackle your week + take full control over your sideline life happenings! You can check out the complete set here.)

2. Review your kid's schedule for the week

Here’s my calendar - notice the packed week of football practices and our tournament weekend.

Here’s my calendar - notice the packed week of football practices and our tournament weekend.

This is a biggie because it will determine how everything else on this list will pan out. For example, if you review your kid’s sports schedule for the week and get reminded that this is the week that you all are packing up and traveling down to Florida for the big championship tournament; well that would put a damper on your need to grocery shop for the home.

And it would put an emphasis on the need to plan your sideline outfits and get your chores out of the way so you can come home to a clean and tidy house!

If your life is anything like mine, (and I’m willing to bet it is since you’re reading this right now), sports participation determines everything… even which family functions we are able to make it to.

To some this is a harsh reality - to others, it’s just reality. However it falls for you, making sure to regularly review your kid’s sports schedule will always set you up for success.

I’ve actually created a template to help you do this, called the Season Calendar Planning Kit.

Season Calendar Kit Thumbnail.jpg

You can download it here.

3. Plan your kid's practice/game/event gear needs for the week

Now that you know what the week is set to bring, whether that be practice, games, or fundraising events, you can plan for it.

In a typical football season week for us, we’ve got between 3 - 7 practices and 2 - 3 games. So I know London and Juel will each need a practice shirt, girdle, and socks for each practice (along with their gear, of course).

I always tend to prep all uniforms since I’m not always certain which color coach will want to wear, and I always, always, always pack extra in my sports mom survival bag.

Speaking of your survival bag, do a quick once over all of your kits to make sure you don’t need to replace anything. Now’s the time to add something to your shopping list, if needed.

Don’t already have your Sports Mom Survival Bag together?

4. Plan your sideline outfits for the week

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Just as important as getting your kids set up for success, go ahead and take the time now to do the same for yourself. At this point you’ve already identified what events you’ll need to prep for, so this should be as simple as setting aside a few tops and shorts/joggers for sideline duty.

If you’re like me and you’re coming straight home from work to practice with only a few minutes in between events, you’ll want to have things picked out (planned out at the very least) so if there’s traffic, or anything else that throws off your timing, your scramble doesn’t have to include figuring out what to wear!

5. Meal Plan for the week


This is a newer task for me. I’ve really tried to get into meal planning this past year and do so for the most part, except for cooking everything in advance (more on that another time).

I’ve totally recognized the advantages in planning out our meals for the week. Not only does it save us money, it also saves A TON of time; especially on nights when practices run late.

You can read more about how I plan out my meals for the week here. And download the meal planning template that I use here.

6. Wash gear + clothes used this past week; fold, sort, and put away


Sunday is the day I tend to do all of our laundry for the week as well. It’s just easier to batch process laundry for me than to bring loads throughout the week, so I choose to get it all done at one time and it works great.

Logistically I throw in a load in the morning when I first get up. Switch that one out for another load before I head out to pick up the groceries. And then switch that one out when I get back from running my errands.

By the end of the day I might have a huge pile of clothes sitting on my bed waiting to be sorted and put away, but again, it’s easier for me this way (especially because I keep the baskets for each of the boys separate to make it easier to sort).

7. Clean out your car

Naturally before I’m able to stuff my trunk and car full of the week’s groceries I need to make sure there’s space.

The good thing is my boys typically do a good job of putting things in their places, so they very rarely leave things in my car (and they know the smell nauseates me). But here’s a great time to go through and clean out your car in preparation for the week.

(Now’s the time to find that missing baby bottle).

8. Go grocery shopping for meals and snacks


Okay, for real, I’ve never been more excited to go grocery shopping as I have been lately - and that’s all due to this quaint little app called, Instacart. You may have heard of it!


Oh - My- Gosh!! I’m so serious. Okay, all I do is write out my list of what I need to buy based on my list of meals and snacks. Go into the app, I’ve already defaulted it to shopping at Wegmans (which is where I buy the vast majority of our groceries each week… they have a very fresh and vibrant produce department, which I love).

Search for items to add to my cart, check out and go to pick up my groceries when they are ready! It really is that simple! I’ve done it weekly for around 2 months now and I will never step foot into Wegmans again!!

Okay.. maybe I’m exaggerating a little (I may need to actually walk into Wegmans to use the restroom while I they load my groceries, haha).

I vow to do a video tutorial on this one day… but until then, trust me when I say this is a GAME CHANGER!

They even do delivery for orders over $35, if you’re into that type of thing! haha

If you want to try it out, you can use my link to get $10 off of your first order of $35 or more! Again, this is an affiliate link, which means I will also get $10 if you use it; but it’s at no cost to you.

And if you do try it out, please pop over to our Facebook Support Group for Sports Moms + Team Moms to tell me what you think of it! I’m such a fan!

9. Meal Prep as much as possible (including snacks)


When I get home with my Instacart groceries, I make sure I have everything and then start to meal prep as much as possible before putting everything away.

This means I marinate meat, pre-chop any veggies, cook Furguson’s dinners, and pre-cook smaller meals such as breakfast and snacks (like smoothies or sandwiches) so that the only thing left to do on weeknights is cook the meals that we planned for.

Again, my family not big on left-overs, so we tend to make arrangements to cook the meals each night, rather than cooking everything up front and just heating and eating throughout the week.

What works for us, may not work for you in this area; but I will always tell you to do what works for you and your family and set yourself up for success as much as possible.

10. Get all basic chores out of the way


I usually save the best for last (and by best, I totally mean worst)! I really hate cleaning my house. I cant’ wait for the day when I can bringing a cleaning crew in to make it happen. But until that day I typically tackle bathrooms, floors, and bedrooms on Sunday.

This is so that I won’t feel so bad during the rest of the week as I realize I don’t actually have the time to vacuum or clean the windows.

The good news is, by doing a few of these you are already setting yourself up for success with the others (ex. meal planning = prepping snacks).

So those are my 10 things I do every Sunday to set myself up for success for the week! I know there are probably at least 100 more that I could add to this list (like washing my hair, lol), so if you have any tips that can help your fellow sports moms be more organized and effectively manage their time, I’d love for you to share it in the comments!

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