Sports Mom Style: See My Fall 2019 Look (+ What Target Has To Do With It)

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Okay, let’s get after what’s really important these days… the seasons are about to change, Fall is around the corner and last year’s sweats just won’t cut it anymore! Am I right, or am I right?!

Well lucky for us, Target is already on top of it! Our favorite retailer will forever be part of our routine (yes, I’m speaking loudly for all Sports Moms + Team Moms, lol).

Whether we’re getting our kids geared up for back-to-school and sports gear, pre-season organization needs, or just making it happen day-to-day; they can pretty much read our minds when it comes to helping us make our season successful!

So I knew Target would be my One Stop Shop when it comes to easy, comfortable, and affordable sports mom style.

If you haven't already noticed, Target has seriously stepped up their fashion game; and I, for one, ain’t mad at them. But that’ s not even the best news…

Best news is I got the drop on the cutest sideline pieces and am listing them right here!

So before you spend an hour and a half beyond your lunch break scouring the clearance section in your local Target; just scroll down and enjoy!

Sports Mom Style: See My Fall Look (+ What Target Has To Do With It)

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Plaid shirts are the best.

They’re comfortable, go with just about any style (jeans, leggings, and/or skirts) and can be dressed up or down. Definitely a keeper for the sideline this Fall.

Universal Thread - Long-Sleeve Button Down Shirt (black & white), $19.99, available at Target.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m trying to hide my post-summer belly or what; but over-sized sweaters are where it’s at this Fall!

Not only are they super cozy and warm; but they’re typically pretty affordable and come in a variety of colors that can easily be matched up with team colors!

Universal Thread - Long Sleeve Crewneck Fleece Tunic Pullover Sweatshirt (rose), $20.00, available at Target.

As far as I’m concerned, you can never go wrong with a hoodie.

Not only are they warm, comfortable and cute; they get the job done. Especially if you’re helping out on the sideline. No wonder virtually every team spirit lineup has a hoodie involved!

Universal Thread - Long Sleeve Hoodie (cream), $24.99, available at Target.

A crewneck striped t-shirt should be part of every wardrobe.

They’re easy, versatile and super affordable; especially when every other dollar is going toward gas! Add this one to your collection for sure.

A New Day - Striped Long Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt (cream), $15.00, available at Target.

Speaking of you wardrobe; do you have the essentials?

Sports Mom Wardrobe Essentials.png



I’m not going to lie to you… I literally wear these jeans just about every other day on the sideline. hahaha

What can I say; they wear so well!

Universal Thread - Relaxed Fit High-Rise Cropped Straight Jeans (medium wash), $25.00, available at Target.

Prologue - Straight Leg Cuffed Lounge Pants (black), $27.99, available at Target.

To be honest, I’m not so sure about this color, honey.

But I am pumped about the pants. Thank God Target stylists value the idea of a fitted sweatpant! I swear, they must be sports moms too!

Wild Fable - Women’s High-Rise Straight Sweatpants (honey), $20.00, available at Target.


Outerwear-Target-Fall-Style-2 (2).png

Tell me you don’t want to run to Target right now to buy this fleece jacket and put it on!!

Not only is that blush pink color super cute… I am almost ALWAYS cold, so I’m already looking forward to wearing this one and keep myself from shivering this Fall.

Plus, I love the little thumb slots.

C9 Champion - Women’s Sherpa Fleece Jacket (pink), $39.99, available at Target.

I had one of these jackets two seasons ago and I wore that thing out, let me tell you!

It was by far my favorite piece to wear, because it went with just about EVERYTHING…. I got compliments on it every where I went.

Ava & Viv - Women’s Utility Anorak Jacket (olive), $44.99, available at Target.

Oh the jean jacket…

Trust me, you’re gonna want the sherpa part when the wind starts whipping up in a month or so!

Universal Thread - Women’s Denim with Sherpa Jacket (light wash), $34.99, available at Target.

So what’d ya think? Super cute right?!?

I’m thinking of putting together a 9 to 5 to Sideline Series of outfits that you can take from the office/classroom to the sideline. If you’d like something like that; let me know in the comments below.

Or if you’re really striving for awesomeness today, join us over in our Facebook Group: Sideline Hackers: Support Group for Sports Moms + Team Moms and let me know!

Until next time.  Keep hacking that sideline!


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