Organize Your Sideline Series: 3 Easy Steps to Create Your Season Calendar

Time is such a precious commodity for a Team Mom that it’s imperative we know how to go about spending it wisely. 

speaking of time... are you SHORT ON it? SNAG THE DAILY PLANNER NOW!

Are you a new Team Mom?  Not sure how to plan for the season?  Well, this daily season planner (from my season calendar planning kit) will have you organizing + planning your sideline to do's before you know it!

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Time is such a precious commodity for a Team Mom that it's imperative we know how to go about spending it wisely!

But how to spend it wisely is the million dollar question… right?

I mean…

We know that in order for us to be as efficient as possible, we need to plan for our home life:

  • Meal planning + cooking

  • Cleaning + chores

  • Laundry + homework

And as Team Moms we also need to plan for our sideline life:

  • Parent Meetings

  • Games + practices

  • Snack schedules + volunteers

What if you had a tool to help you do all of it?

In this post, we’re discussing how planner printables can help you go from frazzled to dazzled on your sideline + beyond!

Think back to English class in high school…

Your teacher would have you spend weeks outlining your paper before you even stated writing it, right?

Well there was a method to that madness! 

Outlining a topic helps our brains organize our thoughts into manageable sections, so when we are ready to tackle a topic, we can think through it easily; without overdoing it.

So when it comes to my sideline life, I like to break it down by month, week, and then day (or vice versa, depending on the amount of info.)

Team Moms know that a life of sports is built around the all-mighty schedule. 

So, for example, if you have access to your season schedule, you could quite easily break down the important days:

  • Games

  • Practices

  • Events

You could then use the Monthly Season Planner Calendar to highlight those specific days for a nice monthly view.

Monthly Season Planner / Calendar (Season Planning Kit)

Monthly Season Planner / Calendar (Season Planning Kit)

The same goes for weekly...

Let’s take the 2nd week in June for example.  You know that you have practice scheduled for both Monday, June 5th and Thursday, June 8th at 6:30 p.m. at Freedom HS.

Okay great, so what else do you need to do that week?

Well, your 1st game is scheduled for Saturday, June 17th.  Did you send out the schedule to your parents?  How about the snack schedule for the game day?  Or the list of volunteers you’ll need (since it’s going to be played at your home field)?

So now you know the things you need to prepare and you can add those items to your Weekly to do list.

The Weekly Planner is perfect for that!

It’s broken down “to-do list” style for all seven days with ample space to capture everything you need to do for the sideline. 

You can, and should, also include items for life beyond the sideline.  Like scheduling the kid’s dentist appointments and picking up the groceries for Amanda’s birthday dinner on Friday.

Weekly Planner (Season Planning Kit)

Weekly Planner (Season Planning Kit)


Okay, so now that your week is planned out let’s take it one step further and plan out your day. 

Now, I know what you may be thinking…

“Shaki, I’ve planned out the month, and a week, why the heck do I need to plan out my days too?!”

Well, my precious little sweet pea… Please know that this step is vital!

Planning your day is the action that allows you to carry out those plans, in the coming weeks and months!

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Planning out your day is the action that allows you to carry out those plans, in the coming weeks and months!

Knowing what you need to be working on, and what task (if not done) will throw off your week and month is crucial.

So trust me when I say, take the time now to get it done.  You’ll be kicking yourself later if you don’t!

And this is why I made The Daily Planner, it’s perfect for highlighting those top sideline priorities and even keeps you on pace with morning, afternoon, and evening segments.

Daily Planner (Season Calendar Kit)

Daily Planner (Season Calendar Kit)

My goal is for you to be successful in all of your sideline dealings!  And when you have the tools to be successful, there's nothing that can stand in your way!

So now you may be wondering, how do I get my hands on these pretty little printables??

I thought you'd never ask! :)

These printables are a part of a complete set of 30 printable + editable planner and calendar pages will help you stay organized, track your time, tackle your week + take full control over your sideline life happenings!

It comes with the following PDF pages:

  • Daily Planner (get this one free by entering your info above)

  • Daily Time Blocker

  • Weekly Planner

  • Monthly Planners

  • Master Notes section

  • Master To Do List

  • Important Dates + Event Tracker

  • Monthly Practice / Game Calendars

Now available on Etsy!

Now available on Etsy!

(Shop even more planning kits in my Etsy shop by clicking the yellow button above)

So that's it!  

When you make the time to plan out your season you will see how quickly the stress melts away and how "In-Charge" you are of your sideline!

You'll be able to answer questions, assigned duties, and tackle those tasks without breaking a sweat!

Let me know in the comments below how you plan your season!

This post is part of my Organize Your Sideline Series: 40 Ways to Organize Your Sideline in 1 Hour or Less. 

If you’d like more ideas on how to organize your sideline, go here to check out the post!

Until next time… Keep hacking those sidelines!


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