5 Online Communities for Sports Moms That You Should Join

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There are millions of sports moms in the world; literally 20 million in the United States alone! And we all share the same struggles, joys, and pains when it comes to filling the various roles bestowed upon us as busy sports moms.

And since we are all online, on our phones, scheduling, tasking, etc. on a daily and often, constant basis; why not join a community that will help support you in the craziness of it all?

So today, I wanted to share five of the top Sports Mom Communities that I am also a member of; because as a sports mom, I know what it’s like and I want you to get the support you deserve!

1. Sports Moms United


This amazing community was created and is currently ran by my good friend, Beth Fisher Jessop. It boasts over 2,000 members and has daily convo around supporting the mental, physical, and emotional needs of your athlete.

As it’s description reads,

“This space was created for you to connect, support and unite with other sports moms, to get the resources you need to raise your athlete and to take care of yourself, too!”

Beth makes sure to keep fun, uplifting posts in her group, such as “Athlete of the Day” shouting out our athlete’s and reminders to be kind to ourselves as sports moms.

You can learn more about Beth and Sports Moms United here.


2. Super Moms of Softball


Another awesome group was started and is currently run by another good friend of mine, Stacie Mahoe, of the Eating Curveballs for Breakfast Podcast. Yes, she’s the voice you’ve heard giving you bits of sports mom wisdom on the Sideline Radio podcast, if you’ve been listening. You can find her segment on the following episodes:

Stacie is a total MVP, raising 8 of her own student athletes and working to support moms like you and me in the process. Her group is called Super Moms of Softball but as it’s description reads:

“Welcome to Super Moms of Softball, a personal growth group for sports moms! Moms of kids in ALL sports welcome!!! My name is Stacie Mahoe and I’m here to help you tap into your most powerful MOMing asset while providing positive tools and resources to bring out the very best in yourself and your child.”

You can learn more about Stacie and join the Super Moms of Softball group here.


3. Raising Champions Parenting Group


The Raising Champions Parenting Group is for any parent who wants to discuss, share and talk about the challenges of being a parent, as well as a sports parent.

It’s run by, you guessed it, another good friend of mine, Janis Meredith. Janis, a bonafide Parenting Coach, is the real deal! She’s not only already successfully raised three student athlete’s who've played at both the high-school and collegiate levels; she’s also very well versed as a Team Mom, with being a coaches wife for twenty-some years!

Janis was also featured on our very own Sideline Radio on Episode 05: Dealing with Time Management , Overwhelm + Priorities as a Sports Mom.

You can learn more about her coaching services here; and join her group by clicking here.


4. Confessions of a Sports Mama


Confessions of a Sports Mama is another fun group by yes, another one of my many Sports Mama friends, Vanessa Mejia. Vanessa’s group makes sure to let you know that:

“It doesn't matter whether you're a football mama, a soccer mama, a basketball mama, a baseball mama, a swim mama, a wrestling mama, or a dance mama. All Sports Mamas, rookie, seasoned, and retired are welcomed here. We get you!”

Vanessa was one of the first sports mama’s that I found online in my everlasting quest to find mom’s that I can ask questions, and share in the lifestyle; and it’s been so fun to find out that she’s also a local Northern Virginian!

Vanessa also shares great DIY tutorials and gear reviews on her blog of the same name.

You can learn more about Vanessa and her group here.


5. Sideline Hackers: Youth Sports Moms & Team Moms


Call me a little bias, but I saved my favorite for last.

Yes, I’m talking about Sideline Hackers, the online community + Support Group for Moms Whose Kids Play Sports by yours truly, Sideline Society.

My specialty may be Organizing & Planning your life around the sideline, but in this community we discuss everything from budget & money, to recipes, travel, and personal growth as a sports mom. No topic is too big, or too small!

You even get our free Sideline Survival Bag Checklist when you join!

You can learn more about me, Shaki, and our community for mama’s like you here.

So that’s it! Those are my top five favorite online communities for Youth Sports Moms. Each community is built to be a fun, positive place to share our personal tips, tricks, experiences, victories and defeats with each other.

And in all honesty, it doesn’t matter which group you decide to join. You can join one, or all five! Just as long as you know that these supportive groups of moms exist, and we can relate to exactly what you are going through. We want to help you be at your personal best, so you can help your student athlete be at theirs!

Until next time, Sideline Hackers.  Keep hacking that sideline, because they appreciate you for it, and so do we, for ALL that you do!