How To Make The Ultimate Sports Mom Survival Bag The Right Way

I always get a ton of questions on what gear a sports mom needs in order to shake off the struggle, stay organized + actually enjoy the sideline, you know... without the worry and stress; so I figured I would put together a quick guide showing you exactly how I put together my sports mom survival bag, the items you need, and how to make them work for you! 

check out the video + Grab the free checklist too!  

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You don't want to miss this!  It's a complete list of all the items you need in your essential bag + instructions on how to put it together!

Now, whether you are a veteran sports mom, or maybe you’re just getting your feet wet, it’ll certainly do you some justice to be prepared for what the sideline may bring. 

Trust me, you definitely don’t want to be caught empty-handed or without that _________________ (fill in the blank with just about anything) while trying to shuffle around on a busy weekend morning!


Why not have a ready-to-go solution, and make it so that it’s always on hand?

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This ready-to-go solution will have you #HackingTheSideline in no time!

So here it is, Sports Mamas, some Sideline Swag just for you!

The Ultimate Sports Mom Survival Bag + must have checklist for putting it all together!

This will be useful for you if you’re just starting out and have no idea about the things you need to have on hand, keep in your car, or pack when traveling with your team; or if you frequently find  yourself without, while cheering from the sideline.

Let’s dive right in with some tips…


These tips will go a long way when applied to just about every situation + item on these lists.  Keep them in mind and refer back to them often!  They will help to keep you grounded:

#1 – remember Why

It's perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed at times.  Just remember why you are doing what you are doing… to support your child.  And remember, there’s a community to support you just a click away! (And today just might be “Rant With Me Mondays!” haha)

#2 – Planning

Get into the habit of planning + packing in advance.  I tend to plan about a week to a day or two ahead of any practice/game/event.  This way you can start to have in mind what you need to pack and/or replenish.

#3 – Duct Tape + Plastic Baggies = Label Everything

Use colorful duct tape + variety-sized plastic baggies to label and organize. 


I can’t stress this enough.  We are all on the field at the same time, and chances are, we shop at the same places! ::Clears Throat:: TARGET!

Putting things in clear plastic baggies will help you see what you are looking for in a hurry.  And as a sports mom, your almost always in a hurry! 

#4 – Give Everything a Place

You may already have a special, high-tech, super-secret system to your organizational madness.  As long as you give everything a place, and strive to keep it in there, the madness will not overcome you. 

Sounds like Yoda if I do say so myself! Haha

On to the good stuff – The Kits

We’re putting together our ultimate sports mom survival bag.  This thing will be there for you through thick and thin sidelines and will have everything you need to successfully #HackTheSideline as a sports mom, and definitely as a team mom!

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Get prepared for your kid's sports season with this quick survival bag tutorial!

it's made up of 10 easy diy kits:

  • First Aid Kit

  • Toiletry Kit

  • Miscellaneous Kit

  • Extra Clothes Kit

  • Uniform / Game Gear Kit

  • Sports Mom Gear Kit

  • Food + Drink Kit

  • Sports Mom Fashion Kit

  • Technology Kit

  • Travel Kit

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kits are just one of those things that you always want to have on hand, but hope that you never actually need.  The most I’ve ever needed from mine was a band aid and some Tylenol.  But you know what they say, “luck favors the prepared” and I say, “prayer works!”

I recommend finding the travel-size to as many of these items as possible.

Use a quart-sized plastic baggie to hold these items

Now, you may be thinking... "Shaki, why the heck do I need all of that? Because darling, I cannot stress enough how you want to be prepared for ANYTHING! Be it allergies, a bug bite or a bump on the head; for you or your athlete!

Toiletries Kit

This is my most frequently used kit.  I absolutely hate it when my hands are dry, and I can’t understand for the life of me why there is never any tissue or hand sanitizer in the port-a-potty’s on the field!

Again, to decrease the weight and size of your kit, find the travel-size to as many of these items as possible.

use a gallon-sized plastic baggie for these larger items

#TrueStory: One time my oldest, Juel, lost a contact on the field!  If we didn't have an extra pair with us it would have been a very long (and sad) ride home!

Miscellaneous Goods Kit

Someone once laughed at me when they saw I had a pair of scissors on hand.  Then the very next play coach needed a pair of scissors to cut off a player’s wristband! #Truestory

Use a quart or gallon-sized plastic baggie for these items

Here's the pocket monkey tool I'm talking about that's freaking AMAZING + handy!


Extra Clothes Kit

It never hurts to pack extras for whoever is tagging along; especially the little people.  1 – You never know, and 2 – boys will ALWAYS need another pair of socks! haha

use a gallon-sized plastic baggie to hold these items

Who: For yourself, your athlete and/or you other children

Why: Because you never know + your little one could have an accident


  • Underwear

  • Socks

  • Shorts/Pants (depending on weather)

  • T-shirt/Sweater (depending on weather)


Uniforms + Game/Practice Gear Kit

I like to make my boys responsible for their own gear, so they keep their items in their sports duffle / sling sack.  But even if you want to pack it for them, I’ve laid out the steps to guide you.  Our coach is notorious for switching up the uniform at the last minute.  Either way, at least you’ll be able to spot them easier!

keep these items in your athlete's sports duffel


What: All uniforms + gear (differs depending on sport)

Sidenote: My boys usually get more than one uniform per team.  Be sure to pack both; especially when traveling.  You never know if you're coach will switch up the assignment because of the other team!  

Believe me, it's happened to us on more than one occasion!

Step #1: Lay it all out to make sure you're not forgetting anything

Step #2: Pack everything in the sports bag/duffel*

*Except for what exactly they are to wear showing up

Step#3: Put the bag/duffel in the car/trunk the night before


Sports mom Gear Kit

This category and the next (Sports Mom Fashion) are my two favorite kits to prepare for.  Why?  Because I can personalize it and make it fun!  Even though they are some of the bulkier items on the list; everyone will be different.  Adjust accordingly and swag on!

some of these are the bulkier items that you may need

  • Baby Bag + Stroller

  • Water Bottle / Coffee Mug

  • Sportsbrella Umbrella

  • Cooler

  • Umbrella

  • Sports Mom + Life Planner

  • Tent + Wagon

  • Outdoor Chair/Bleacher Seat

  • Extra Blanket

  • Team Mom Clipboard

I'm listing some of my favorites below so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about.  Clearly some of these won't fit in your bag; but that's why you get a wagon like this one instead!!! :)

This baby/diaper bag is super cute.  It's pricey, but I LOVE the organization system in it; and just for that reason alone, it's worth it!

I LOVE my Sportsbrella XL Umbrella!  When I tell you this is my go-to for nap-time with EE; please believe me.  It comes with an insert that attaches to the sides so your not laying directly on the ground and stakes to keep it secure; even on a windy day.

Whatever you do, GET A COOLER WITH WHEELS!!! This is the biggest mistake I see sports mom's make when first starting out.  Unless you have somebody to lug it around.  I thought I did (then he left me to drag it myself cause he had to go to warm-ups! haha

Now, I know I exaggerate from time to time; but I'm not exaggerating when I say a tent is an ABSOLUTE MUST for all-day sporting events!  Especially with little ones.  I learned this lesson the hard way so that you don't have to!  Our tent gets used EVERY WEEKEND during track season.  It's totally worth the investment... (I'm so passionate about our tent that I might have to write a separate post just about it!)

Every sports parent (dads included) should have an outdoor chair.  I made the mistake of getting the regular one without the canopy at first; against my hubby's suggestions.  Let's just say he was stuck with the canopy-less one! haha (This one even has straps to carry it is a backpack when not in use!)

I owe this find to my "Sports Mom Mentor" Kim!  She had these super cool and SMART bleacher chairs at our boy's 7v7 scrimmage one weekend and boy did they come in handy!  Of course I tested one out!  SOLD.  Not only are they practical, but seriously serve their purpose.  I got them in our signature lime green team color!


Everybody needs an umbrella; why not get one that actually works?!?  This umbrella is light enough that you can hold it for a good long while without arm fatigue; and it's strong; with great resistance to wind.  Besides they still play in the rain!

Last but not least, this beauty here is a Team Mom's for real, for real BFF!  It's thin, has ergonomic hand grips, and even a separate space for the colorful Sharpies!!  Stash post-it's, envelopes for collecting cash, and plastic baggies and you're set!

Sports Mom Fashion Kit

This kit will certainly change depending on the season and weather, but if you’re like me and HATE TO BE COLD, you’ll appreciate the layering factor.  I’m telling you, LAYERS have saved my life on multiple occasions. 

Okay, I’m being super dramatic, but still.  Especially in Northern VA where it can be 79 degrees one day and hailing the next!

a trusty gallon-sized plastic baggie or two will do the job for these items

  • Scarf + Chunky Beanie

  • Sweat Shirt + Pants

  • Rain Jacket

  • Slip-On Sneaks / Flats

  • Gloves + Sunglasses

  • Leggings

  • Light Jacket / Winter Coat

  • Running Shoes / Boots

Again, I'm listing some of my favorites below so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about.  Clearly you won't need all of these at the same time; just depends on the season.  But I'm telling you - layers are a Sports Moms Best Friend!


I have this rain jacket in our team's signature green color (and embroidered with my name and team logo)!  Again, you will need to layer it with a long-sleeve, preferably fleece-lined shirt, on the colder days, but it will keep you dry from the elements.  I never leave home without it!

You'll catch me on the sideline with these bad boys on any given day (unless it's raining, and I'll be in the boots below).  Not only do I love the colors, which match my team colors, but I also love their one-for-one business model (supporting those less fortunate).

I will never buy a different rain boot!  These boots are PERFECT!  They are tall (just below knee-length), super comfortable, and come in a ridiculously awesome array of colors.  I'm telling you, I'm starting a collection! :)

Food + Drink Kit

This kit is more for general knowledge and is not expected to be packed in your essential bag; but you can throw some of these items in the cooler for before/during/after practice.

find the recipes in my pinterest account!

Healthy + On the Go Breakfast Ideas:

Healthy + On the Go Snacks: Before Practice

  • Green Smoothies

  • Fresh Fruit

Healthy + On the Go Snacks: During Practice

  • Grapes

  • Sliced Oranges / Apples

  • Muscle Milk

Healthy + On the Go Snacks: After Practice

  • Chocolate Milk

  • Apple Slices + Peanut Butter To Go

  • Baby Carrots/Celery + Ranch To Go

  • Protein Bar

  • Fresh Fruit

  • String Cheese

  • Protein Drink


Technology Kit

Well of course you will have your cell phone on you, but how about your charger?  How about the other recording device?  I’m getting better at recording (I like to run down the sideline so my shots are a little less than stellar!).

use a gallon-sized baggie to hold these items.  there'll be no lost earbuds today!

  • Cell Phone

  • Tablet/Ipad/Kindle

  • Portable Charger

  • Camera/Camcorder

  • Ear buds

  • Fitness Tracker


Travel Kit

Last, but not least, traveling for sports can be exhausting, but fun at the same time.  If you make sure you are prepared with this travel kit it will be the latter!

using snack-sized plastic baggies will help you distribute goodies + keep the peace! 

Make a snack basket:

  • Your kid's favorite snack

  • Fruit Snacks

  • Popcorn

  • Crackers

  • Chips

  • Fresh Fruit

Pack a small cooler:

  • Grapes

  • Water

  • Cheese Sticks

  • Yogurt Tubes

Make an entertainment kit:

  • Fully-Charged Kindle/Tablet

  • DVD's

  • Deck of Cards

  • Puzzles

  • Portable/In-Car DVD Player

  • Hand-held Gaming Systems

  • Travel Board Games

  • Homemade Activity Book

Now you know how we roll!  This not only tells you what I use to create my essential sports mom bag, but the video also covers HOW!

Also, I’ve created a free checklist for you so you can make sure you have all the items you need to successfully #ROCKTheSideline. 

You can DOWNLOAD THE FREE CHECKLIST by entering your info below.

Love planning + being prepared?  Check out the planning kits in my shop!


Let me know in the comments below some of your favorite survival bag items!

Until next time... Keep hacking those sidelines!


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