Top 3 Cozy Bleacher Blankets to Cheer in Fall

One day, I learned… as we all tend to do at some point in time.

I learned that the price to pay to watch your child play can be a cold one. I’ll spare you the drama; unless you want to read about it. Read the whole story here.

But today I’m sharing the TOP 3 Bleacher Blankets to whip out as this season comes to a close.

I love Fall, but Ugh… I sure do hate the cold.

Be that as it may, it’s still football season which means we’re still sitting on the bleachers cheering on the team. And to help you cheer at your best, make sure your prepped for anything the sideline elements may throw your way!

With that being said, these blankets are all a thing of beauty when it’s 40 degrees or lower (50 in my case), the wind is whipping and the sun itself is snuggled behind a veil of clouds.

You can be sure that they’ll keep the wind out, and the heat in!

cozy bleacher blanket #1

Threshold microplush blanket - target

Blanket #1.jpg

This blanket is double-layered, double-insulated lovliness! It’s machine washable, easy to clean, maintain, and stuff in a wagon when your done using it! And, and, it’s on sale for $26.99!

cozy bleacher blanket #2

Threshold fuzzy throw blanket - target

Blanket #2.jpg

With this fuzzy blanket being a throw, it comes in a smaller size, but with more variety in color. This is perfect for single coverage, at just $14.99!


cozy bleacher blanket #3

yorkshire Fleece Blanket with Sherpa Backing - target

Are you seeing a trend here?! Yes, of course Target! But also these are all fleece blankets. Because it’s not knit, there are no holes… thus trapping in heat and doing the most to keep you comfortable on the sideline.

This one here is by far my fave with the Sherpa backing that adds a whole other level of warmth. I could seriously go without a coat when using this blanket. That’s how awesome it is!

So which is your favorite?

Let me know in the comments below and join us over in our FB Group for Sports Moms to show us your #SidelineSwag!

Until next time, Sideline Hackers.  Keep hacking that sideline, because they appreciate you for it, and so do we, for ALL that you do!


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