Back to School + Sports Organization Hack: DIY Closet Hang Tags

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Do your athletes have a rushed morning or pre-practice routine? diy this organization hack and take the routine to the next level!

So I’m a #boymom, and that tends to come with its own set of “challenges”… if you know what I mean.  I’m talking things like, stinky feet, allergic to water, would go days without brushing their teeth if you let them; type of challenges.

Ewww, gross… I know!

And another one that we’ve seemed to be running into lately with London, our 9 year old, is wearing the same clothes over and over.  And I don’t mean every week because it’s his favorite shirt and he loves the feel.  I mean day-to-day, back-to-back because nobody has checked him on it! Haha

It’s to the point now where I’m questioning myself because I feel like our days are running into each other anyway, but I couldn’t sworn he was wearing those shorts yesterday??

Can you relate?

So, what did I do about it?  I DIY’d a solution of course!  I realize that one of the reasons he is wearing the same clothes over and over is

1: he’s being lazy (let’s be honest)

2: and more importantly, he’s gotten away from an organized morning routine that helps him choose his outfits and get ready in a timely manner

We’ve implemented a system for sports where I would typically have the boys set out their uniforms/gear the night before for a game; and even for the school day.  So why not take it a step further and prep for the week ahead on Sunday Funday!

I found this pinspiration on Pinterest, of course, and set out to make it work for us…

What you’ll need:


Step 1: Divide the card stock in half and cut down the middle

This is going to provide the basis for your tag.  Each side will create one tag.

Step 2: Use your handy dandy coffee cup to outline the circle for the hole. 

You’re going to want to make the circle closer to one end of the paper, as to leave enough room for your message.


Step 3: Create the hang tag

Cut out the circle by first cutting a small slit at the top of the paper and then using your silly scissors, or regular scissors, to cut out the circle.

Step 4: Create a fun border using the silly scissors (Optional)

This step is completely optional and not necessary for your hang tag to be fully functional, but I like to add a little fun to everything so I cut the exterior border of the tag using the silly scissors.

Step 5: Add tape

Depending on how big your cut is, you may find that you will need to tape the cut in order to keep the hanger from falling through your hang tag.

Step 6: Label and decorate


Here’s the fun part!  Time to label and decorate your hang tags!  I suggest labeling each tag a different day of the week: Ex. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. and leaving enough space to add a fun message.

I did things like: “Make it a Marvelous Monday” and “Have a Fantastic Friday

Please feel free to put whatever you feel would inspire and support your athlete!

BONUS Step 7: Repeat steps 1-6 for Practice Specific Hang Tags

(As pictured above - black hang tags)


I did the same process for practice hang tags which I used all black stock paper.  I think these turned out the best, specifically because of the super inspiring and personable messages that I included, and with a little pink heart, no less!

Some examples of the messages I wrote include:


PRACTICE: And embrace new challenges

PRACTICE: And go after your dreams

I just love how they turned out!

Here they are in action:

And now the boys take an extra 10 minutes on Sundays to organize their clothes for the week.  They not only know what they are wearing each day to school; but also what they will need to come home and change into for practice; and even where their uniforms are for game day!

Now if only I can figure out how to prioritize the toothbrush! Haha

What do you think?  Could your athlete use help organizing their closet? 

Let me know in the comments below and join us over in our FB Group for Sports Moms to show off your new closet hang tags!

Until next time, Sideline Hacker.  Keep hacking that sideline, because they appreciate you for it, and so do we, for ALL that you do!


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