My Amazing New Staple That Has Literally SAVED MY BUTT On The Sideline

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Have you ever gotten to your kid’s football or soccer game only to realize that the bleachers are still soaked from the morning shower? 💧

How unfortunate for your bottom; especially if you didn’t show up prepared with a towel or something to shield you from the elements.

Enter the Butt Be Dry: A Fannypack for your Butt


And a super cute, ingenious way to keep your butt clean, dry, and warm from the elements while at your kids sporting events.

Quick #TrueStory: This happened to me once 😳. I was running late to my son’s football game and when I arrived I wanted to hurry up and grab a seat before he saw that I was just showing up (sad, I know…). I make my way to the bleachers, which were the shiny metal kind (you know the kind that make it hard to tell if they’re wet).

And being that I was in a hurry to plant down, I didn’t check and wouldn’t you know… I immediately felt like I wet myself. To make matters worse, I was coming straight from work, which meant I was in a dress and blazer (and not the kind that hides that kind of thing).

Needlesstosay I was pretty embarrassed and could not wait to get back in my car and hide!

So I was thrilled when Dan, the maker of Butt Be Dry reached out to me to sample this awesome solution.


And let me tell you, the Butt Be Dry has become a new staple in my carry-along game!

I even recorded a time-lapse video of me using it at London’s practice! In the video I unbox it, breaking down the packaging, instructions, and even how to put it on!

Check it out below:

You can check out the current sale on the original ButtBeDry on their site by visiting at

What I Love About It:

  • Keeps my pants/shorts dry and unexposed wherever I’m sitting

  • Easy to put on and apply or roll-up and tuck away (it literally rolls up into a cute little hip sling, similar to a fanny pack

  • Light-weight and easy to use

Something Good To Know:

  • Because it’s light-weight it’s on the thin side, and won’t provide cushion for too long.

With that being said, I’d really recommend you layer it because it really does do a great job at keeping the moisture from soaking through; which is exactly what it advertises.

Even Juel wanted to give it a try while watching London’s practice, and loved it…

Cool right?!

Make sure you check it out for yourself by heading on over to the Butt Be Dry website by clicking here.

Dan is a super cool Founder who is very kind and approachable, so I’m sure if you have any further questions about the Butt Be Dry he’d be more than willing to answer them!

P.S. While recording the video I wasn’t sure if the product came in other colors, but I found it it does! Here’s a link to the Heated Camo Version.

So, now I’m curious, has that ever happened to you?! Comment in the comments below, or head over to our Facebook Group: Sideline Hackers to share your embarrassing butt wetting story! Don’t worry, it’s a no judgement zone.

Until next time, Sideline Hackers, keep hacking that sideline, because they appreciate you for it, and so do we, for all that you do!


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