Back to School & Sports: 5 Tips For Getting Back Into The Routine

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It's almost the end of the first grading period now, so if you haven't gotten a routine in place now that the kids are back to school and sports, don't worry, you’re not alone!

Truth is, your not only retraining your kids after the long summer break; you're retraining yourself too!

By that I mean of course there's such thing as summer slip for moms too... maybe yours has to do with laundry, grocery shopping or planning as opposed to reading (like most kids).

So here's five ways to help you get back into a solid routine that will carry through the school year and sports season!

Back to School & Sports: 5 Tips for Getting Back into the routine

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Tip #1: Reintroduce a bedtime

I know what you're going to say...

"But Shaki, my kids are too dag on grown for me to have to consistently remind them of a set bedtime",

and to that I say "GURL BYE".

I was literally having this very conversation with Juel today about getting to bed earlier because he's doing more and clearly not getting enough sleep... and he's 15!!

Difference this year is he's starting on Varsity now, which means he's getting more playing time, which also means he's getting more reps. Therefore he's more tired than usual.

Not to mention the fact that he's got just a smidge more school work too!

So yes, they do need reminders!

I did mine, especially for my younger two, by starting two weeks out from the first day of school. The boys would be sent to bed at their bedtime just to help their minds and bodies get acclimated to going to sleep at their set time; instead of staying up all hours of the night to play Fortnite (like we let them do over the summer).

You may ask,

Well how do I know what time I should send them to bed?

Great question! While every kid is different as to how much sleep their little bodies require, pediatricians say it varies depending on their age. Here’s a breakdown per age group to use as a guide.

With that in mind, the next thing I do is take a look at their school schedule and our seasonal schedule, while asking myself a couple of questions:

  • What time would we get home from practice?

  • How much time do we need to dedicate toward homework and studying?

That way, by time school and after school practices roll around in two weeks they will have already made a dent in their routine.

Haven't gotten them started? It's better late than never!


Tip #2: Organize a Thing or Two or Forty

It's super easy to let your pretty little organization habits fall by the sideline over the summer. Trust me, I'm right there with you in some respects!

Between gearing up and unpacking for family vacays and weekend stays things might feel a little crazy when you think about needing to get it all together again. But that's where I've got you!

I've put together a list of 40 ways to help you organize your sideline life in one hour or less!

Not only will it help you take an inventory of what you have, it will also help you identify places for where it all needs to go; which really comes in handy when early school mornings and after school practice times roll around!


Tip #3: Add a new tool in your grocery shopping & meal planning tool belt

Yes, I'm talking about Instacart! So over the summer your girl has been experimenting with using Instacart to help me save time in grocery shopping and meal planning, and OH MY GOSH!!

When I tell you this has seriously been life-changing for me, I truly mean it ya'll! I mean, seriously, I used to spend at least three hours each time it was time to write out my dinners/snack list and head to the store to shop for the items.

Between taking forever to fight traffic to finding a parking spot, then playing dodge ball with the carts in the middle of the aisles.... I can complain about grocery shopping forever, BUT I don't have to anymore because I use Instacart! And I'm never going back!

I'm working on putting together a full-fledged vlog of how I use Instacart, but in the meantime, start here by downloading my free meal and snack planning kit; then head over here to read about my first experience and get a few tips.

They even do delivery for orders over $35, if you’re into that type of thing! haha

If you want to try it out, you can use my link to get $10 off of your first order of $35 or more! Again, this is an affiliate link, which means I will also get $10 if you use it; but it’s at no cost to you.

And if you do try it out, please pop over to our Facebook Support Group for Sports Moms + Team Moms to tell me what you think of it! I’m such a fan!

While this is sideline stuff and not specifically anything to do with school and/or sports; it does when you think about how much time you're freeing up to do allll the other things (including packing lunch, and prepping dinner!)


Tip #4: Say Hi!

With the start of anything new comes new faces and new opportunities to connect. Use the start of the new school year and sports season to make new friends on the sideline who can help with getting your student athlete to where they need to be (whether it be school, practices, games, and/or events).

Believe me when I tell you this is one of the best things you can do to help you get your athlete to where they need to be; and on time. Especially if you don't already have a large system of support.


Tip #5: Get Support

This is a frequent tip that I like to share because it's too true! How many times have you heard "it takes a village". That saying can apply to many areas of our lives and it's especially true when it comes to supporting our kids both in school and on the sidelines.

When it comes to school, of course there's their teachers, guidance counselors, and school officials whose best interest is in our students. And when it comes to the sideline there's the coach, team mom (bonus points if that's you!) and team parents who are all part of the village.

You can call on any one of them, just like they should be able to call on you if/when the time comes.

Speaking of a village, we’ve got our own little slice of the internet over in our Private Facebook Group for Sports Moms & Team Moms, called Sideline Hackers.

I mentioned it a bit earlier in this post. We’d love to have you, so feel free to stop by and check it out!

You also may or may not be aware that I'm currently working on a Youth Sports Community Based Ridesharing App that will really help pull this tip into action, but until then please make it a priority to get support for your #Sidelinelife when you need it.

You'll be grateful you did!

So those are my 5 tips for getting back into the back-to-school and sports routines! I know there are probably at least 50 more that I could add to this list, so if you have any tips that can help your fellow sports moms get back into the swing of things, I’d love for you to share it in the comments below!

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