9 Sports Mom Essentials That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Sideline

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For today’s #Take5Friday post I’m feeling a little more generous than usual, so what’s say we throw in 4 more BONUS TIPS! Today I’m bringing you nine, instead of five, of the top sports mom essentials to help you level up your sideline this season.

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What’s your practice schedule like this season?? Twice, maybe three times a week?

If so, don’t worry; that’s on par with the rest of us. However frequent your practice schedule you’ll want to make sure you have the essential items readily available in order to make it not only as successful but as comfortable as possible.

If you’ve read this post, then you are already familiar with some of these items; but here I’m breaking them down and giving you my faves.

Believe it or not, these are the daily essential items that I believe every Sports Mom should have at practice:

#1 - First aid kit

Need I say more?! Okay, I will… We’re talking sports here people! Sports are physical. And even if your child is not playing tackle football this season, there is always a chance for injury. So why not be prepared with a first-aid kit; just in case. I make my own and update it as needed. You can read more about how I do that here. But if you wanted to just buy one, here’s one that I would recommend:


This one is First Aid Only’s 299 piece All-Purpose First Aid Kit. I can’t imagine you’d be missing anything out of this kit; but here’s some similar items just in case: similar, similar, similar

#2 - Essentials Bag

A.K.A. Ultimate Sports Mom Survival Bag. I’ve packed this and kept it in my trunk for every practice, game, and fundraising event for the past five years. I teach you the exact steps I used to make mine in this video, so you can make one for yourself too! The key though is to keep it refreshed and in your trunk ready to rock!

#3 - Water Bottle

I was just asked in our Facebook Group which water bottle was my favorite and why. I had to admit that I don’t have a favorite brand; guess I’m going to have to do some reviews soon; but I do always have one on me.

Whether its a recyclable bottle or a reusable one with the cute designs, make sure you have one. Events always seem to go on longer than they are scheduled + you'd be surprised how many places don't have concessions readily available.

Here are a couple that I have used and will make the list for my reviews when they come up:

  • Zak! - Of course I have the magenta one… lol

  • Contigo - I found this one at Target

  • Yeti - I’ve heard good things about this brand

#4 - Extra Blanket

For whatever reason I’m pretty much always cold; so I can justify carrying around an extra blanket. But even if you’re the complete opposite of me, when the evening rolls in after a long day and the temperature starts to drop, you’ll be happy you packed this essential item. I even wrote a post on the coziest bleacher blankets, read more here.

#5 - DIY Toiletry Kit

This kit is hands-down my top used kit in my Ultimate Sports Mom Survival Bag. Honestly, I think it’s because one can never use enough hand sanitizer on the sports sideline! haha

However the reason, this is an essential item that you don’t want to pass up. This essential item offers another reason to DIY it, and the instructions on how I put it together can be found right here.

#6 - Extra Cash

I will be the happiest mama on the sideline when the day comes that all concession stands, fundraising booths, and ticket sales accept venmo or cash app; but in the meantime I am gratefully patting myself on the back when I don’t have to lose my good parking spot because I forgot to pass by the ATM on the way to the park!

Do yourself a favor and carry a bit of extra cash in your essentials kit. $20 should do; but I suggest you gauge for yourself how much extra you’ll need to carry depending on the number of family members you are sharing your sideline with and how many events you are there to support that day.

#7 - Planner / Clipboard

I like to think my planner game is strong, and I tend to feel even more empowered when I can whip out my planner and catch the info the first time around when coach starts rattling off playoff dates and fundraising events after practice. I’m really digging this Blue Sky Monthly Planner right now since I can see my entire month at-a-glance:


In addition, I use my google calendar app on a daily basis and love that it’s super easy to share events with everyone.

#8 - Bleacher / Outdoor Chair

I hate to spoil the season for you, but… News Flash: Not every field has bleachers. To right this wrong, be sure to be prepared with a comfortable outdoor chair. There is a huge variety available online and in your local Target.

My absolute fave is the Reclining Stadium Seat by Picnic Time:

bleacher seat.jpg

My hubby and I use these every chance we get! They can be used on the bleachers, on the ground, everywhere; and they are so easy to put up and down and lightweight to carry around. We seriously do not leave the house without these. If you get nothing else off of this essential items list; get this!

#9 - Travel Umbrella

Last but not least, a travel umbrella. If the weather is just as unpredictable in your neck of the woods as it is here in Northern VA, you’re going to want to carry a travel umbrella in your essential kit. Here’s another one of those items that I’ve learned to keep on me; but don’t necessarily have a favorite brand to recommend.

I guess I know what posts will be coming up soon for you guys! But in the meantime, here are a couple that I found on Amazon with great ratings: Travel Umbrella with Waterproof Case: similiar, similar, similar

So which items do you already carry and which will you be adding? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

Until next time, Sideline Hackers,

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