7v7 Football: What to Expect, Including Everything You Need to Know + Buy (If your kid says they want to play)

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My palms are sweaty knees weak arms are heavy... Bonus points if you know where that line is from!!

I am so so pumped that it is 7v7 season, my 2nd favorite football season!! 7v7 a.k.a. two hand touch a.k.a. 7 on 7 a.k.a. the quicker one… lol

7v7 football is a version of American football in which 7 players play offense and 7 players play defense. There is no line, they're all receivers, with one quarterback and a common goal; to score a touchdown in four downs just like in football, but as you can imagine the game goes much quicker. A lot of skilled players like to play this in the tackle season off-season, like my son. He’s a wide receiver, corner, and safety this is our third season of 7v7 football.

Me + my oldest son Juel, during last season’s 7v7 Football season

Me + my oldest son Juel, during last season’s 7v7 Football season

We play with our same league PME (Playmakers Elite) here in Northern Virginia and it is one of my favorite things to watch.

I'm gonna post a video of our last season, but especially as they get older they get more skilled and it just becomes a really fun game to watch. The teams get super hype, I'll play a clip for you here so you can hear how hype they get!

As you can hear, I get pretty hyped up too!

And of course I was just as hype this past weekend when I was on the sideline during our 1st scrimmage of the season! Which gave me the idea of creating this post, to provide you with the Season Prep Checklist for 7v7 Football.

If you've been following along you know that I am also creating a Season Prep Checklist for every other sport that we cover here on Sideline Society. Click here to check out another sport that your child maybe playing this season.

My goal of course is to support you as a Sideline Hacker with the resources that you need to organize, plan, and navigate your life on the sideline, one season at a time.

And that includes the gear, equipment, and season info needed so you know what to expect when you're starting a season of your sport!

Enter your name and email below to download the 7v7 Football Season Prep Checklist and make sure that you have the gear and equipment as needed.

I go into much more detail on this on this page; but for now, let's get started with gear needs. Gear needed to play 7v7 Football include:

  • Football cleats

  • Football (typically provided by team)

  • Football gloves

  • Protective headgear

  • Mouth guard

And then there's the uniform of the practice uniform, which are typically included in the cost of registration.

Don't forget the accessories:

  • Arm sleeve

  • Handwarmer

  • Football gear bag

  • Football towel

  • Sling bag

I’ve broken this info down into much greater detail which you can find on this page. I list additional products, where to buy them, and their definition to understand what they are used for and why they are needed.

As far as what to expect, this section always varies based on your organization, and so I have an asterix to suggest that you contact your coach or league to make sure of how it would apply to you; but I’ve listed the typical expectations below:


  • Developed coaching staff

  • At least one practice per week for players to work on fundamentals, agility, implementation of game scheme and execution of 7 v 7.

  • An outlined game schedule with a large competition pool. Typically 2-3 games are played in one day with competition outlined for at least 3 weeks out of the season.

  • If travel is involved, location information should be presented at the beginning of the season.

  • Website and easy access to registration portal and/or more information


Varies. Ranges I’ve seen: $95 - $650


There are some year-round 7v7 leagues; but a typical season lasting between four weeks to three months is during the football off-season (January - July).

how it’s played:

The object of the game is to score the highest number of points within the game. Each team gets four downs to score a touchdown (offense). The defense also gets points for stopping the offense from scoring. There are also points for getting an interception. The quarterback only has four seconds to throw the ball, and gets “sacked” if it’s not thrown within that amount of time; very similar to a delay of game in tackle football.

But there you have it! That is 7v7 football in a nutshell. It is absolutely so much fun and one of my favorites to watch.

One last point I wanted to make is about concussions. As parents we are all concerned with our child getting injured while playing and potentially suffering a concussion. The point I want to make is that concussions can come with playing any sport; including one that is technically “touch” as opposed to “tackle”.

If you are seriously concerned about your child’s safety while playing this or any other sport, I would suggest you ensure your child is being taught the fundamentals of the sport, which would include safety and proper technique (which would significantly decrease the chance of injury); as well as be familiar with the protective gear worn in that sport, to help your athlete stay protected and play smart while playing a game that they love.

How else have you prepared for the upcoming sports season? I’d love to hear in the comments below, or over in our Facebook Group for Sports Moms + Team Moms!

Until next time sideline hackers keep hackin’ that sideline because they appreciate you for it and so do we for all that you do.

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