5 Ways To Enjoy That Elusive Sports-Free Weekend; Before The End of Summer

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Okay, so technically we’re past Labor Day, so Summer is supposed to be over. But tell that to my weather man! It was a cool 91 degrees today. The humidity may have been low, but for I second I was right back to mid-July on the sideline sweating my eyebrows off under the hot summer sun.

The kids may already be in school; but with this warm weather lingering and a sports-free weekend coming up, I’ve got a few ideas to help send summer off the right way and still help them expend that pent up energy from the school week in this Take 5 Friday post!

5 Ways To Enjoy That Elusive Sports-Free weekend; Before The End of Summer

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#1 - Private Pool Day

Most public pools are already closed for the summer; but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a last ditch pool party effort at a nearby hotel. Make it even better and get the team together (since you all should be off this weekend, if it’s sports-free) and let them have at it!

It would be a great bonding opportunity for the entire team (including the parents) and still allow the kids to work off all their energy while still getting in a good workout!

#2 - Make It Educational (Museum/Zoo Visit)

What would usually be spent on a Saturday morning on the sideline, why not take a quick trip to a local museum or zoo for a fun and educational day out. Here in Northern Virginia, we are merely 30-45 minutes outside of Washington, DC with a plethora of museums to visit as well as the National Zoo.

Let the kids have a say as to where you go, research the tickets (most can be ordered online and in advance) and make plans to make a day of it!

#3 - Yard Fun


You may not have a private pool to indulge in (neither do I), but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time in the yard. This summer my boys LOVED IT when I surprised them with a bunch of water balloons for a water balloon fight!

Funny how your athleticism shows up when balloons filled with icy cold water is being hurled at your back! haha

#4 - Weekend (or Weekend Day) Getaway

Sports Mamas know how difficult it is to “get-away” during the season. We’re pretty much accustomed to missing birthday parties, weddings, and bar-mitzvahs. So when a bye week pops up, we’ve typically already planned a nice relaxing situation of catching up on laundry or cutting the grass.

But if you’re all caught up, why not take advantage of the time away from the sideline and take a quick weekend getaway with the family.


Quick trips to the beach or lake are pretty much always appreciated by the kids, and you can even save a little money by packing a nice picnic lunch.

#5 - have a cookout

With the pretty weather soon to be a distant memory, take advantage of the longer days and plan a trip to a local park to hang out, grill out, and chill out!

Speaking of picnic, we did this one of our last sports-free weekends and the boys had a blast. We put up the maca’s (hammocks in Spanish), cut the watermelon and just chilled in the park for the better part of the day.


Of course, the boys don’t go anywhere without their football, and even got a couple of neighboring kids to play two-hand touch. But regardless we all had a great time and even took some cute pictures to boot!


With a little extra planning, sports-free weekends can be just as enjoyable as cheering your lungs away from the sideline.

There really are so many ways to stay busy and make sure your kids still get a workout. Just make sure to save a few of those off-hours for parental downtime too.

But whatever you do, don't forget to enjoy the warmth of summer and those elusive sports-free days while you can, because they’ll both be gone before we know it!

What do you typically do on your Sports-Free Weekends?

I’d love to hear about it in our group! Come on over to our Private FB group for Sports Moms + Team Moms where the discussion + support is ongoing!

Until next time.  Keep hacking that sideline!


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