5 Tips for Busy Sports Moms on the Go

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Youth sports can be unpredictable at best... Always be prepared for anything!

Here are 5 Tips to help you do just that!


 and get access to what you need to help keep you in the game!

Boy did I learn my lesson….

I did everything right (according to my standards anyway). 

  1. I packed the diaper bag

  2. Gathered the cooler items

  3. Laid the stroller by the door the night before

Hobby’s uniform was clean and laid out; his socks, leggings, even his gloves were in place.  Ju wasn’t playing today, and since we raise them to be pretty self-sufficient I didn’t bother checking with him the night before to see what he’d be wearing.  Either that or he’d just be out of luck! Haha

I was ready to rock and roll. 

We woke up on time, 7 a.m.  By “we” I mean me. 

Mike and the boys were still knocked out in the bed.  Even Furguson was still busy snoring when I made my first go round, but no matter.  We had plenty of time.

15 minutes later I was already out of the shower, everybody is still drooling… and here is where I made my big mistake!

I checked my weather app…. (again).

I had checked the weather report the night before and the temperatures read slightly different.  So I didn’t think anything of it when they seemed to shift for the better.

The weather report read a current 43° F with a high of 62°.  Not too bad! 

You gotta understand, we’re in Northern VA where we can get a blizzard one day and 80° the next.  We hadn’t even had our first frost yet, so I could work with 43°.

Plus, it was bound to heat up by midday (Google said so)...

And since Google runs the world, there was no dispute!

So instead of wearing my winter coat heading out the door, I slapped on my PME Parent jacket (I had to represent my babies), and some jeans with my purple and green sneaks.

Besides, I had some hand warmers, a scarf and a hat.  It was going to take about an hour and a half to get to our destination, so my seat warmer in the car would do me some justice, not to mention my coffee;

Fun fact: I turn on my seat warmers even when its 75° out.  I hate to be cold.
— Shaki

So I got the guys up and out the door with plenty of time to spare.

We made our usual Saturday morning stop to DD to get some coffee, croissants, and munchkins for the munchkin. 

Mike made sure to fuel up and check the tire pressure and oil the night before, so we were on our way.

The time passed quickly even though we literally only made 4 left turns in an hour and a half, but who’s counting!  EE and the big boys were watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs for the 1500th time and Mike was catching up on more shut eye (obviously still recouping from his first Black Friday experience).

We were due to arrive by 9:15 a.m. and got there with plenty of time.

It was pretty interesting spot.  I’ve never seen an outdoor sports complex next to a regional airport from which skydivers were jumping out of the plane!


Here's Mike + EE in the car watching the parachutes...

As you can see everybody was intrigued. Haha

I started to unload the car as Ju took Hobby to practice with his team and Mike took a conference call.

It seemed a little nippy, but I convinced myself that it was just because we had just gotten there and my backside had to bid farewell to the seat warmer.

The first game was scheduled for 11 a.m. so we had some time to get a lay of the land:

  • Spot the restrooms/port-a-potty

  • Map out concessions

  • Figure out our assigned playing fields

By 11 a.m. it hit me. 

We were just about to start our first game and my behind was cold.  By now the wind had kicked up, skydivers were blowing every which way and EE didn’t even want to get out of the stroller and run around.

(Honestly, that was my real sign!)

I reached to double check my phone, because I just know Google said it was going to be warmer out here, and sure enough the screen read “Triangle, VA”!!!

I had been looking at the weather report for back home!  Not the valley we were in.

Side note: I swear Virginia has the most cities I’ve never heard before and I’ve been living here most of my life!

Here’s my point…


Youth Sports can be unpredictable, Always be prepared for anything!

In my busy morning haste I had decided to forgo my usual instinct to wear my layers and pack for anything.

Another fun fact: I’m notorious for wearing layers + being cold!
— Shaki

So instead of wearing my tank top, under my thermals, under my track suit, under my winter coat; I opted for my jeans, sneaks, jacket and light accessories.

Believe me I was smacking myself for it later; the wind was too!

That wind was whipping to the point where we thought the kids would be distracted by all the skydivers and instead they were too busy being distracted by the cold.  They didn’t want to play (at least not as hard).

We ended the day 3 games in and frost-bitten fingers and toes.

That’s another thing!  We were told it would be at most 2 games.  Uh, wrong!

Turns out it was a double elimination tournament so we ended up playing 3 games with the 4th being the championship round.

My advice to myself: Create a killer MUST HAVE Cheat Sheet + follow it the next time I leave out of the house for any game (near or far)!

My Advice to You... don't end up like I did! instead...

The idea here is to prepare for everything, so you can be ready for anything.

Especially as Team Mom, your team will look to you to help solve their sideline issues.  You’ll feel that much more accomplished when your prepared to help!

This is such an important and vital step to your success, and your toes!  Believe me!

So, to recap:

Tip #1 - Weather App
Get yourself a weather app!  Especially if you live in ridiculous climates like Northern Virginia.

Tip #2 - Game day Checklist
I’ve created a game day checklist that you can use to prep for every game day.  It’s a simple checklist, but helps to make sure you aren’t missing any key item.  You can download it by going to www.sidelinesociety.com/podcast/bonus5

Tip #3 - Survival Bag
I talk about this all the time; and I’m actually doing a giveaway coming up this week! If you want it, make sure to join us over in the fb group… I’ll be giving away some pretty awesome goodies, and one that ryhymes with “Punter” if you know what I mean!!

My story above helps to explain these final two tips which are to:
Tip #4 – Have Grace & Tip # 5 - Have Fun & Live in the moment

Don't foreget to download my GAME DAY CHECKLIST so you know what to bring with you...


Make sure you are looking at the right zip code in your weather app, and once, the night before! haha

Sideline toolkit of useful links:

Until next time... Keep Hacking Those Sidelines!


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