5 Things Successful Team Moms Do On Their Lunch Breaks

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Time is such a precious commodity for a Team Mom that it’s imperative we know how to go about spending it wisely.  In this post, I’ve highlighted the 5 top things you need to do as a Team Mom to ensure your success on the sideline + beyond, ALL DURING YOUR LUNCH BREAK!

According to Michael Kerr, International Business Speaker,

“Successful people treat [lunch] like the half-time show at a football game – an opportunity to regroup and consider how they’re going to play out the rest of their day.”

No wonder Team Moms who do these 5 things during their lunch breaks are successful!

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Team Moms who do these 5 things during their lunch breaks are ridiculously successful on the sideline + beyond!

# 1. Create a calendar outlining your season schedule including practices, games, and events

Team Moms know that a life of sports is built around the all-mighty schedule. 

With games, practices, tournaments, events, fundraisers and much much more, there is literally very little wiggle room for poking around in the dark; so why not have a tool to help you plan your next move!

This complete set of 30 printable + editable planner and calendar pages will help you stay organized, track your time, tackle your week + take full control over your sideline life happenings!

  • Daily Planner (get this one free by entering your info above)

  • Daily Time Blocker

  • Weekly Planner

  • Monthly Planners

  • Master Notes section

  • Master To Do List

  • Important Dates + Event Tracker

  • Monthly Practice / Game Calendar


# 2. Organize your team mom survival bag

The Team Mom Survival Bag is the essential tool to being prepared on the sideline.  I literally use mine every weekend, so I created a guide to help you tackle your sideline hurdles with one too!

Check it out here!  It’s packed with tips + hacks for sideline organization, and how to keep your sanity in check!  Oh, and don’t forget about the hottest gear!

Survival Bag Checklist.png

# 3. Plan your weekly meals + athlete snacks in advance!

Like most other tasks, it makes sense to bundle like items, so go ahead and tackle game and practice snacks when you do your weekly grocery shopping.  Use this template to keep organized and prep for what you need to get so you're athlete(s) are choosing the best snack options + you’re not wasting any time or money!


# 4. Make your Sideline To Do List for the day

This is one of my favorite daily tasks, probably because I heart checking things off as I go; but there’s nothing like the sense of accomplishment you get when you:

1. Know what you need to do


2. DO IT!


Use this Team Mom To Do Checklist template to get straight on your tasks for the day and get the checkin’!

P.S. you can totally use this for your personal tasks too!  As a matter of fact, it’s smart to keep everything in one place = less confusion.

# 5. Join #SidelineHackers: the community and get some much needed support!

And then there comes the time when you need to take a step back, reflect, and unwind, and even rant… a little bit.

That’s what our Sideline Hackers: The Community for Sports Moms + Team Moms is all about!  

We’re here to support you, on your lunch break, on the sideline, and everywhere in between.  We are a community of like-minded Sports Moms + Team Moms who are dedicated to supporting our kids and have come together to support each other!

Now, with that being said, I don’t know how much time you have during your lunch break.  You may find that you only have time to do one or two! 

And that’s okay!

The underlying message here is to spend your time wisely to get organized! 

Because, As I always say, “Organization is the key to #shakingoffthestress.”

Would you agree? 

Let me know in the comments below what you typically do on your lunch break to plan for your success?

If you’re looking for even more ideas to help you get your sideline life + beyond organized, check out my post here on 40 Ways to Organize your sideline in an hour or less!

Until next time… Keep hacking those sidelines!


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