5 Reasons You Need a Sports/Home Command Center: And How to Create One!

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Do you ever feel like things are all over the place? Like your kids have practice for one sport, again for another, other after school activities, like PTA meetings, girl scout cookies to sell (and eat) homework, tests to study for, the list goes on and on.

Well you are most certainly not alone just about every other mom goes through this same issue and if you have a command center where you can keep all of this in one place, then you’re already ahead of the curve. One thing I always tell my boys is to have a place to keep things; that everything should have its place!

And this is something that I practice in just about every facet of my life, including sports of course! Ya’ll already know about my sports mom survival bag infatuation! ❤️️❤️️

Survival Bag Checklist Landing Page.png

In it, every item has its place within it’s kit.

That may sound very detailed, and you might think you could never be that organized; but I’m here to tell you, and show you, that you can!

To give you a little bit of context, I work a very demanding 9 to 5 in which I am responsible for a lot of programming and a lot of money. Because of that I have to be organized and be able to plan efficiently and so I also have a command center at work; which is where the idea for this post came about; and so I thought we need to build a command center at home - together!

I currently have a space in my home that I'm building out and I wanted to put something similar to this coffee/wine bar, but in command center style;


Super cute right?!?

I’ve clearly grabbed this inspiration from Pinterest, and now I think I'm finally ready to get it done and I want to do it with you too! In fact, I've made this a challenge… click the button below to join!

I've gathered a few examples of home command centers, from Pinterest of course, and I'm listing them here and on the challenge page. If you wanna join us, go on over to this page, or click the button above, but let's start with the reasons why you need this in your home if you don't already have one:

Reason #1 - Organization

I'm serious when I say this is a one stop shop, and it should be a one stop shop for home too! You can combine it with sports, school work, doctors appointments, any and everything that you need to have an at-a-glance view of your week or your month. And as you can see, they don’t even need a ton of space to work!

Reason #2 - Planning

Want to know how to plan like a champ?! Make sure you are taking everything into account! For optimal planning purposes, when you can see everything in one view then you can know what you can and cannot get done. Give yourself a hand and plan efficiently by having this one stop shop available.

Reason #3 - Communication

A Sports/Home Command Center is a place to keep everyone on the same page because it becomes a dedicated space in your home that is open for all your family members to see. No one will be left in the dark as to the weekly schedule (who has practices when or what events are coming up) in the household. You may already have a system like this in place and if so, what we’re effectively doing is adding sports to the mix, because well, that's what we do at Sideline Society!

In our challenge I'm gonna tell you about some extra tools and strategies that you can use to ensure that everyone is constantly stays up-to-date with this information and even when you should be updating this information on a weekly basis to make sure that it’s not lagging behind.

Reason #4 - Engagement

It's a super fun way to keep your kids engaged not only in their own activities but as a family to show your support of them. This is where you can use fun stickers and fun ways to celebrate them and keep them excited about what they have going on. As you know, sometimes their activities can get a bit overwhelming; especially when there is a lot that is required of them, like if they're older and have school requirements like tests and projects and things that they need to complete in addition to being a team player. So this becomes a fun way to ensure that they know they are not alone; they consistently have your support. Another plus this gives them, and you, an opportunity to see if they are, unknowingly, overwhelming themselves with their schedule, and there are areas that they can and should pull back on.

#5 - The Key To Success

As you can see, a family home command center is the key to keeping a busy family organized. With multiple schedules, events, practices, games, and appointments; it becomes a centralized location, that makes sense in your home, for your family to provide and gather the key component to an efficient home life = information!

And there you have it! Our Take 5 Friday for today. I hope you guys are interested in joining our challenge. If you are, you can find more information by clicking here.

We're going to do a fun Before & After for everyone who participates through our Facebook Group, and I may even have a special gift for everyone who participates!

Until next time Sideline Hackers, keep hacking that sideline because they appreciate you for it, and so do we - For ALL that you do!


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