40 Ways to Organize Your Sports Life in 1 Hour or Less


If I’ve learned one thing about being a busy sports mom thus far, it’s this:  

Organization is the key to #ShakingOffTheStress!

The fact is, time waits for no mama, so make it work for you instead of figuring out ways to find more of it!  

How?  You might ask... By learning how to organize that crazy sideline of yours!

In this post, I've outlined 40 different ways to help you get a jump start on organizing your sports life.  (And they range from 5 minutes to 1 hour.)

(This post is an update from the first version that was created back in 2017. This is also geared more towards Sports Moms. I will create another that is specifically for Team Moms and link to it when it’s ready!)

I EVEN CREATED A checklist of all 40 ways so you can check them off as you go! 


Are you tired of being unorganized?  This checklist will have you organizing your sideline before you know it!


Despite what many may believe, It’s NOT just about being there.  

It's about making sure you can “show up” by supporting your child and your sideline whether you are able to physically be there or not. 

As much as it pains me to say, sometimes we can’t make every game.  Life can sometimes get in the way. 

So start to learn from it and get organized so the little moments that really do count, can add up to lifetime memories and not stress and overwhelm.

You would actually be surprised to know how much you can do for your sideline in the time it takes for coach to actually end the practice on time! :)

You don’t need a whole Saturday. 

As a matter of fact, you don’t even need an hour.  Sometimes, all you need is 5 minutes to connect with another sports mom and find some support.

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40 Ways to Organize Your Sideline in 1 Hour or Less

Let's jump in! (And Quick Note: Click on each item to watch a step-by-step tutorial on how to complete the task; if it is not yet highlighted, I have yet to create a tutorial; but you’d better believe it’s coming soon!)

10 Ways to Organize Your Sideline in 1 hour

1. Create a calendar outlining your season schedule, practices, games, and events.

There is nothing better than to be able to plan for and around your kid’s sporting events; since you know… and it pains me to type this, but… life outside of sports must still go on! Use these templates to get your planning on!

2. Join the Great Sports Gear Cleanse Challenge and complete the first action.

This is something new we’re doing this year, on a seasonal basis, to help keep calm and organized! Instructions will follow, along with a tutorial when we start!

3. Color code your uniforms and gear per team.

Once it’s sorted by type, arrange everything in your storage area by color. This may be tedious, but this is the easiest and quickest way to sort through your gear and pick out what you need. This is especially helpful when coaches decide on uniforms by color!

4. Invest in storage ottomans and sort gear per sport, team, or season.

These are beautiful and practical pieces of furniture, that can practically go anywhere in your house and is a great way to stash those sideline extras — like the extra sling backpacks that your kids seem to find out of thin air!

5. Minimize laundry space.

Save space with a hanging laundry hamper that fits discreetly over the back of a door. It’s easy to make your own with fabric and an embroidery hoop; and you can even make one for each type of laundry (sports gear and school clothes).

6. Maximize wall space.

My latest obsession, wall cubbies are a modern way to display smaller equipment like footballs and baseballs; basically anything that isn’t too heavy.

7. Display organized accessories.

Depending on the contents of your accessory collection, (with a Mr. Accessory like my London yours is probably fairly large too!); there are many great DIY displays to chose from. You could easily make patterned shelf for hanging visors, gloves, mouthguards, and sports tape.

Try stacking tape on a jewelry bracelet tower or cone, or hanging it horizontally from rods.

8. Design shoe storage to fit your space.

Wall shelves are perfect for storing various cleats and running shoes; and can be place in the foyer, mudroom, or in your athlete’s bedroom. Don’t be afraid to customize your shoe storage to make the best use of your particular space. Shoes can be put on shelves, on the floor, or in cubbies. Custom shelving is the ultimate luxury in shoe storage, but a footwear cabinet is another ingenious solution. We use an old locker that we purchase on Offer-Up for all of our cleats!

9. Invest in storage baskets.

Baskets are an ingenious invention that have been used since the beginning of time; and for good reason! They keep your sports stuff out of sight, and they look super chic on open-shelves (like in your closet). Plus; Target has a bunch to choose from!

10. Create a gear organization system in your closet/garage/car trunk.

This may sound complex, but it’s really simple. You know those drawer organizers you can buy at Target. This offers the same idea, you’re sectioning off space in your closet/garage/car trunk so that everything has a place! Click the link to watch a quick tutorial on how I did it!

10 Ways to Organize Your Sideline in 30 Minutes

1. Complete the Sideline Society Wellness Assessment + prioritize your wellness.

Your personal wellness is important because it impacts your decision-making process and allows you to support a more balanced life. If there are areas of wellness in your life that may need greater attention, it may very well be the cause of your stress and feeling out of control in others. Use this self-assessment tool to determine your areas of wellness.

2. Organize your sports mom and/or team mom bag.

This tutorial walks you through what gear a sports mom needs in order to shake off the struggle, stay organized + actually enjoy the sideline, you know... without the worry and stress.

3. Move pictures and video of game/practice footage from your phone to the cloud.

Because I know we all have smart phones, but that doesn’t mean their smart enough to know when they are getting low on memory… or at least enough to let you know in advance! haha

4. Put everything in it’s place; and if it doesn’t have a place - create one!

Assign specific living quarters to everything you own, and enlist baskets, trays, crates, and hooks to help. If it doesn't have a home, it doesn't stay in the house; and that includes the garage!

5. Empower your kids to get organized.

Give kids their own alarm clocks and post morning checklists of things they need to get done before heading off to school. It'll teach them responsibility and you'll have less stuff to organize yourself.

6. Make it easy for your kids to make their own breakfasts, and before/after school/practice snacks.

Move their cereal/oatmeal boxes, bowls, and cups to an "I can reach it!" lower cabinet. You can also put juice boxes, milk, and other snacks in an accessible place in the refrigerator.

7. Print out templates and build your Sports Mom + Life Planner.

Planners are the best! There are a really wide range of benefits when it comes to them: time management, improving productivity, and they provide excellent stress relief. So of course we’re working on creating one specifically for Sports Moms! We’ll link to the templates here and in the tutorial when their ready.

8. Sort digital photos of your athlete to send to family.

Don’t be a photo hoarder! Clear out your phone’s memory and sort digital photos to share with friends and family! I typically do this at the end of each season. Follow the steps in the tutorial by clicking the link above.

9. Keep spaces tidy.

Now that you’ve found a space for everything, set regular times in your weekly/monthly schedule to keep it all tidy and neatly organized.

10. Plan your DIY Home/Sports Command Center.

Home Command Centers are not a novel idea, but a home/sports command center is! Command centers are awesome, not only do they keep the entire family organized, but it allows you to keep all of your important information in a single place.


10 Ways to Organize Your Sideline in 15 Minutes

1. Use shower hooks in your closet to hand slingbags from.

Do your kids have at least three of those sling backpacks each?! Or is that just my kids?? haha… When I kept finding them strewn about my house I decided to create an organization system for them. Here’s what I came up with!

2. Plan you weekly trip to the store for your athlete’s snacks.

At the rate in which our kids are growing, they need nutritional and fulfilling snacks to keep them at bay in between meals. And since it’s super easy to feed them chips and cookies; I came up with this template to help me keep track of healthy snacks to buy on my weekly trip to the grocery store.

3. Tidy up your trunk.

We touched on this on #10 in an hour. But because we use our cars on a daily basis to transport our athlete’s they can easily become a catch all for all of our sports related gear. Watch this tutorial to see how I tidy up my trunk for the week’s sports events.

4. Round up recipes for the following week so you can plan out your shopping list.

What day do you tend to do your grocery shopping? For me, it’s Sunday’s; and I typically shop based on my weekly recipe list so that I’m not over shopping and over spending. Need a plan? Use this template to help you out!

5. Have a short conversation with another sports mom/team mom in our Private Facebook Group.

Sometimes just talking to someone else in a similar position gives us ideas for support, and vice versa. That’s exactly why our FB Group: Sideline Hackers exists; to provide a safe place for moms whose kids play sports to meet, interact and share their experiences. Check it out by clicking the link above.

6. Organize + fold your athlete’s uniforms.

Most game jerseys should be folded since hanging them can change their shape and cause them to snag. Stack them neatly on top of each other on shelves. Movable cubbies can also help. Here is where color coordination also helps with easily finding needed gear.

 7. Use two-compartment hampers (one for sports clothes, one for school clothes).

Have a two-compartment hamper in the bedrooms and/or mudroom so everyone can sort school clothes and sports clothes as they dress/undress. This will also help with keeping track of their gear.

8. Confirm upcoming practices, games, and events are logged correctly in your calendar.

This is a really easy task, thus why it’s listed under the 15 minutes category; but can be very tedious, especially if you wait until the last minute and running late. So beat the stress and confirm ahead of time. Click the link above for a quick tutorial.

What you’ll need:

  • Your favorite calendar app installed on your phone

9. Get rid of electronic clutter.

While you may think this has nothing to do with your #SidelineLife, I can assure you it does, since we spend the great majority of time on our phones already! Let’s make them as efficient as possible by deleting old files. As a matter of fact, a well known organizer once said you can delete at least 15 files in 15 minutes. This should include apps. Let’s test their theory!

10. Organize your wallet/purse.

Yes, technically this is also a part of your sideline, because if your life outside of sports is organized, your life of sports will be easier to manage! Here’s a quick and easy way to get it done.

10 Ways to Organize Your Sideline in 5 Minutes

1. Make your Sideline To Do List for the day.

You know that Daily Planner I mentioned in task #1 under the 1 hr. time segment? Yup, that’s the one! Go ahead and use it to make your Sideline To Do List for the day. I typically use this separate from the weekly and monthly template when I have something going on in addition to a big sports event.

2. Remind yourself of the goals you’ve set for the season / year – are you still on track?

We all make #NewYearsResolutions at the end of the year! Which did you set for this year? Are you still on track?

3. Join Sideline Hackers - our Private Facebook Group and get some support!

I say it all the time and I’ll say it again! I know there are a ton of Facebook Groups out there, but there is only one Sideline Hackers. In the Sideline Hackers group you can depend on:

  • a dedicated group of sports moms who understand the things you are going through and can relate

  • weekly tips and hacks from yours truly and community members with experience

  • exclusive access to Society News, updates, and offers before anyone else

  • access to seasonal challenges to get your #SidelineLife in order and more. Click the link above to see how to join!

4. Schedule and request availability for carpooling for the week.

Did you know we have an app that allows you to arrange ridesharing for your athlete in advance and last minute requests! Yup, it’s call Sideline SOS and you can read all about it here. You can also click the link above to watch a quick tutorial on how to request support for the week!

5. Build your Sideline SOS.

This step uses the Sideline SOS App as well and it allows you to build a SOS (System of Support) around your athlete and sideline life to get some much needed support in getting them to where they need to be! Check it out here!

6. Connect with another parent on your team.

This step is frequently overlooked; especially if we’re new to a team and/or season. But don’t let that be your mistake, since building up your support on your sideline is invaluable to your success as a sports mom! Watch the tutorial for a couple of quick ideas on how to do it!

7. Sign up for a “to do list” app and schedule your top 3 to do’s today.

Again, one to help support the business of our daily lives; but super helpful for keeping track of things. Click the link to see which one I use and why I swear by it on a daily basis!

8. Hang an over the door coat rack and hang pads, helmets, and other bulky equipment.

Want a quick way to organize bulky gear? If you need additional hanging space, or just want to keep heavier sports gear in order, an industrial coat rack is a chic, practical, and functional piece of decor. Click the link above to see how I use mine.

9. Create deadlines for organizing.

This is especially important on the sports sideline since seasons come and go. Deadlines are great motivators for getting rid of old gear to make room for the new stuff. Create a deadline by calling a charity to pick up your donations or scheduling an appointment to drop them off.

10. Put your sports team and gear related receipts in a receipt organizer.

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had to return gear; maybe it was too big/small, not the right one/color, etc. There are many reasons. But if you dedicate a receipt organizer to sports and bring it along when you shop, you’ll never have another panic attack when you realize you need to return/exchange something and you don’t have the receipt!

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Time waits for no mama, so make it work for you instead of figuring out ways to find more of it!

Please keep in mind here that you are aiming for progress, not perfection!  And don’t try to do more than one task in the allotted time.  If you finish early, great!  Now… RELAX! :)

Believe me, I know that's a whole lot easier said than done.  

But you can take joy in knowing that you've accomplished something meaningful today and thus are one step closer to your goal!

P.S. I will be creating how-to tutorials for every item on this list, one at a time. 

If you see one that you really like and want more information on, that I haven’t tackled already, drop me a line and I’ll bump it up to the top of the list!

Until next time... Keep hacking those sidelines!