4 "Rules of THE GAME" Every Sports Mom Should Know


As a first-time or sparingly-seasonal sports mom it’s easy to forget the “rules” of the game. Believe me, I’ve had my fair share of mishaps, logistics woes, and lost and found rummaging. 

Granted every sport presents its own set of fun + challenges, but these rules can be applied on just about every sideline; no matter the game!

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Rule #1 - Label Everything

When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING!  Gear, kid’s clothes, sneakers, cleats, water bottles, earbuds… You should even label your folding chairs/seat cushions.

You’d be surprised how many people misplace their belongings and since we all shop at the same stores for the same gear, it’s likely yours can end up in their hands if it’s not claimed.

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#SidelineHack: For materials that bleed through, place down a piece of duct tape first and then label away!

You can even get fancy and label all your gear with the same distinct duct tape, so you already know from a distance which is yours.

FYI: Duct tape and a sharpie are a sports moms bestie’s... next to coffee..
— Shaki

Rule # 2 - Don't Be Afraid to Confirm... Again

Especially logistics messages.

For example, if your coach says practice is at 6 p.m. sharp, but it’s been raining cats and dogs all day long, chances are practice will be cancelled; or moved inside at the very least. 

Track and soccer are two of the few sports that I’ve found will practice outside in the rain.  The only typical exception is if there is lightning.

Point being, you don’t want to take that chance and battle traffic just to hear the crickets when you could have just as easily sent a quick text to confirm.

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#SidelineHack: Ask the coach or team mom for his/her personal cell phone number at the start of the season...

Especially if they didn’t already make it available.  Not only do you make a quick connection, but you will be thanking yourself later for the valuable and time-saving contact).

Rule #3 – Over prepare

The game could last 1 hour or what feels like 12 (not serious, but seriously; haha)!  And since you can’t be in control of everything, you should be prepared for anything!

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Rule #4 – Get to know Your Sideline

Being a sports mom can become a very lonely position if you’re an introvert by nature (like I was). 

There’s no doubt you will come across the mom’s that have known each other for years.  But believe me, the more Chatty Patty’s there are on your sideline, the easier the task; I know, cause now I’m one of them! :)

You'll soon find that you have more in common than the age of your children!

True Story: One season I met a fellow sports mom who was my mirror image when it came to her life and family. Because she understood my challenges so well and I understood her's we've been able to support each other in a variety of different ways over the years. Not only did this enable our boys to become great friends and grow and play together; I've gained a BFF for life!

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#SidelineHack: Build up your SOS (System of Support) and watch the sideline stress melt away.

Imagine building a foundation that supports you in your position, every step of the way. A system you can call on when you need them, and they’ll always have your back.

A Strong System Of Support (SOS) =

Stress-Free + Healthy sports Life + Awesome Team

Believe me, if I can save another mama from going through any of the frustration that can come with being a sports mom, then I most certainly will!

So what "rules" does your sideline live by?  Share with us in the comments below!

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Until next time... Keep hacking that sideline!


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