About Sideline Society

Sideline Society is the ultimate resource + community of support for youth sports team moms

Founded by me, Shaki Varado, to empower you mama's to embrace your active youth sports lifestyle, and to help you learn how to plan and organize your lives on the sideline, one season at a time.

Using my own #SidelineExperiments I dive into gear, tips, hacks, systems, fundamentals, everything we need to efficiently support our children and their busy sports lives; and actually have fun while doing it!

Me and my guys (Biggest Guy: Mike, Big Guy: Juel, Little Guy: London, Littlest Guy: Eli, Only Guy Missing: Furguson - our bulldog)

Me and my guys (Biggest Guy: Mike, Big Guy: Juel, Little Guy: London, Littlest Guy: Eli, Only Guy Missing: Furguson - our bulldog)


what the heck is a shaki?

And What Makes Her An Expert?

I'm Shaki, rhymes with teriyaki + is short for Shekera (like the singer)!

And I'm a busy mom, just like you, in my early thirties; whose kids happen to like to play sports.  So, also like you, I sign them up, drive them around, buy them gear, and cheer for them on the sidelines.  All in all, I've been pacing the sideline for just about every sport imaginable for the past eight years AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! 

Even, when it gets stressful - Like when we've got: work, games, traffic, practice, laundry, conditioning, training, tournaments, and fundraisers.  Or when I couldn't figure out what to do to best support them and how to do it.

So far I've realized that as passionate sports moms, we all want to be on time, get organized, plan in advance, support our kids, and give back to our sideline to pay it forward in massive ways but sometimes "life" gets in the way, and things get hectic!

blog about.png

And started experimenting with organization systems and planning tools.  I started creating templates and finding strategies to help me organize my life on the sideline.  I started blogging about my lifestyle as sports mom to pool my resources.  Word got out and my goal became simple: share the strategies that have helped me to organize and plan my life on the sideline.  


"Because I heart days that start with the letter "S"

And because they are worth every second of it... 

If you're looking to shake off the struggle + get some support as a busy mom juggling your kids' sports/life balance, then you are in the right place!


Sideline Society will be a great resource and your new favorite online bookmark if:

  • You're a busy mom with one or more children playing an organized team sport = Sports Mom (see definition below)
  • You’re a new or veteran Youth Sports Team Mom/Team Administrator/Manager
  • You’re tired of being stressed out and overwhelmed trying to support your athlete and his/her team; and are looking for the tools / strategies / resources and support you need to be successful in your role + get to where you want to be... Enjoying the sideline and cheering on your child + the team
  • You want more community, fun, and support on your sideline and in your role
  • You are a volunteer by nature + absolutely LOVE being involved in your kid's lives

A Few Society Definitions

  • SPORTS MOM: A mom who has a child (or multiple children) who play sports

  • TEAM MOM: A Sports Mom who volunteers her time to help to support and/or lead her child's team

  • #HACKINGTHESIDELINE - When a sports mom plans + organizes her life on the sideline LIKE A BOSS


bottom line:

Regardless of whether your child plays in a competitive travel league or for your local recreation club; they deserve your love and support.  And since you have your hands full every day making a difference to support them,
we are here with open arms for you!  


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