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we help make the youth sports lifestyle experience easier + less overwhelming with our helpful content, curated resources + specialized products for sports moms + team moms.

Sideline Society is a youth sports lifestyle platform that is dedicated to empowering, guiding, and motivating youth sports moms + team moms to embrace their active lifestyle, while learning how to organize, plan, and navigate their lives on the sideline, one season at a time.

Our Motto:

If it takes a village to raise a child; it takes a sideline to support an athlete

And by empowering the voices of sports moms all over the world (our sideline), from every sport and providing a platform for them to connect, collaborate + learn while sharing their stories and ideas, encouraging their active engagement, and building a thriving online + offline community, we can support them in their pursuit of a healthy, happy + responsible athlete.


Sideline Society will be a great resource and your new favorite online bookmark if:

  • You're an active mom with one or more children playing an organized sport = Sports Mom (see definition below)

  • You’re a new or veteran Youth Sports Team Mom/Team Administrator/Manager

  • You’re tired of being stressed out and overwhelmed trying to support your athlete and his/her team; and are looking for the tools / strategies / resources and support you need to be successful in your role + get to where you want to be... Enjoying the sideline and cheering on your child + the team

  • You want more community, fun, and support on your sideline and in your role

  • You absolutely LOVE being involved in your kid's lives

A Few Society Definitions

  • SPORTS MOM: A mom who has a child (or multiple children) who play sports

  • TEAM MOM: A Sports Mom who volunteers her time to help to support and/or lead her child's team

  • #HACKINGTHESIDELINE - When a sports mom plans + organizes her life on the sideline LIKE A BOSS

bottom line:

Regardless of whether your child plays in a competitive travel league or for your local recreation club; they deserve your love and support.  And since you have your hands full every day making a difference to support them, we are here with open arms for you!  


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