Sign your kid(s) up to play 7v7 football this season?
We’ve gathered the latest info on gear + norms to help you prep for a successful season. Keep reading to learn how to prep for 7v7 football this season!

get READY for 7v7 Football season

Rooted in American Tackle Football, 7v7 Football is a stripped-down version with no pads, and no offensive or defensive lines (hence 7 versus 7); also known as two-hand touch football, and 7 on 7. Originally created to help football players develop and compete in the off-season; it has since started to gain more popularity with leagues popping up all over the United States.

Here are the latest trends to help you prep for 7v7 Football season including:

  • 7v7 Football gear + equipment

  • Norms for 7v7 Football (including typical fees, schedules, and practices)

And more, including 7v7 Football do’s and don’ts, 7v7 Football specific tricks, tips, advice, and personal experiences from sports moms in our Sideline Hackers Community, and of course, how to keep it all organized!


7v7 Football gear, equipment, apparel + accessories


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gear + apparel

Football Cleats

7v7 cleats.jpg

When shopping for football cleats you want to be sure to get the right cleat based on the type of cleat, cut, and fit; which is largely based on the position of your child plays.

Use this infographic by Athlete Audit as a guide - How to Choose Football Cleats.

Best Football Cleats


These are the Nike Vapor Speed 3 TD’s. Juel wore these last season and loved them! These are a great example of the fact that they are soccer cleats, but used for football. Juel plays a skilled position, so he needs a light-weight cleat that will allow him to have more mobility.

Other Top Rated Football Cleats

Football Gloves


There is no doubt that fashion in sports has come a long way! My boys are infamous for their desire to be the next Mr. Accessory from DudePerfect; and things like football gloves are always on the top of the wish list!

But this is a way to decipher between what they want and what’s best for them to have. When purchasing football gloves be sure to buy based on: Grip, Protection, Fit, and Style.

Best Football Gloves

nike vapor.jpg

Nike Vapor Jet Lightspeed

My boys have been enjoying these gloves for the past few seasons. I like them because they’re long-lasting (I don’t have to pay to replace them each season). They also feature mesh knuckles which allows for a better, more custom fit.

Other Top Rated Football Gloves



Did you know there are different sizes of footballs depending on the age level your child plays? Think about it… a seven-year old wouldn’t be able to grip and throw the same size ball as a high-school junior! Because of that fact, footballs are made to vary by weight and circumference.
To view a complete guide on the sizing of footballs, click here.

Best Footballs for Youth Football

wilson football.jpg

Wilson NFL Super Grip Football

One of the most notable names in sports gear, this Wilson NFL Super Grip Football is perfect for the beginner and the competitive league player. It comes in a variety of sizes, and the synthetic cover contains a tackified material for enhanced grip, especially important in a various weather conditions. Not to mention it’s super durable (which is something us moms love!)

Other Top-Rated Footballs



7v7 Uniforms typically consist of the following:

Teams typically order custom apparel sets to complete the look; including accessories. See a little further below for our list of popular accessories.

Custom Uniform Builders

protective equipment



Even though 7v7 Football is not nearly as physical as traditional American football; science has shown the need to protect athletes of all sports from the effects of impacts + collisions.

These soft-padded protective shells are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason!

Best Headgear for 7v7 Football


GameBreaker’s Multi-sport uniquely designed performance protective soft shell headgear is an industry leader in protection. They are becoming increasingly popular, and a quick staple in a variety of sports including: 7v7 Football, Lacrosse, Rugby, Soccer, Water Polo, Volleyball, MMA, Field Hockey, and more!

Other Top-rated Headgear



Some may have the same argument mouthguards that they do for headgear when it comes to 7v7 Football; it’s not contact, so you don’t need it. Well I beg to differ! I have my boys wear mouthguard when they’re sleeping! #Truestory

In addition to the most obvious benefits; protecting an athlete’s teeth, mouthguards also act as a buffer between the soft tissues of the lips and cheeks and the teeth.

Check out this article of the multitude of benefits of having your athlete wear a mouthguard.

Best Mouthguards for Football

battle mouthguard.jpg

Battle Oxygen Predator Football Mouthguard

My London immediately picked this mouthpiece out when gear shopping last season and I’ve actually been quite happy with the pick. Not only did I know I could trust the brand, with Battle being one of the leading producers of mouthpieces and mouthguards; but I liked the design. The mouthpiece is made to completely cover the lips when inserted into the mouth, and the giant hole in the middle makes it super easy to breathe, and take in oxygen, thus the name “Oxygen Predator”. Lastly, it doesn’t require boiling to get a custom fit and works just fine with players who sport braces!


7v7 Football Accessories


Accessories in youth sports are endless, and there is no shortage in the 7v7 category. But that’s why they are considered accessories. They are not required in order to play; but they can be helpful in for play. These are some of the more popular accessories preferred by 7v7 Football players.

Best Accessories for 7v7 Football

 7v7 Football - What to expect

A good program should have:

  • Developed coaching staff

  • At least one practice per week for players to work on fundamentals, agility, implementation of game scheme and execution of 7 v 7.

  • An outlined game schedule with a large competition pool. Typically 2-3 games are played in one day with competition outlined for at least 3 weeks out of the season.

  • If travel is involved, location information should be presented at the beginning of the season.

  • Website and easy access to registration portal and/or more information

Typical Cost:

Varies. Ranges I’ve seen: $95 - $650


There are some year-round 7v7 leagues; but a typical season lasting between four weeks to three months is during the football off-season (January - July).

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